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Author Topic: denial of sex from wife for past 4 months  (Read 1714 times)

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denial of sex from wife for past 4 months
« on: November 12, 2013, 02:22:29 AM »
Mine is a arranged marriage held on June2013, our marriage life went well until july after that she went to her home in Aashad(aadi) month they changed her mind attitude(brain washed her saying that if u go for child with your husband then our family will suffer because your 2 sisters and brother need to get married), later she got my permission and went for higher studies(at that time she told you come and meet me once in a week and we can stay in hotel in weekends) in my state and am currently working in another place which is 400km far away, later she avoid talking to me over the phone and meeting in person, later she talked me to one day i shouted on her give me divorce why are u torturing my life, later she came down after i use a word divorce,after a long struggle i met her outside in the place where she is studying and ask to stay in my relation home for one day, she told dont want relation house better book for room in hotels, when i enquired and asked her to come with me she told hotel is not safe, so i beared that also and returned back and when she comes for holidays to her home she doesnt inform me and coming to her home, she will go as per her wish, she wont come to my home, she informed in her home also saying that this guying is calling me to the lodge for having sex and he is particularly coming to have only for sex for only???!!!, if i go and call also her in her native also i will get disrespect only from her and from her parents, but during this diwali session i scolded her father saying that i know abt ur daughter, she is good to me until july i have the proof(chats, messages) of how she loves me and now she acts like irritating me, if i take that out then your respect will go, suddenly her father came and slapped me and tared my shirts, due to irrespect i came out from that my place(she doesnt come to remove the fight, she is simply watching the seen), now how i can come overcome this situation, my father is admitted in hospital in serious condition they didnt come to see him also, she is telling she dont have time to come and see, i dont have time to think abt this incidence so am staying with my mum in hospital till now

I dont have any drinking, smoking habit and we dont got any dowry from her during marriage.

Since i dont have any physical relationship and she is also avoiding, i can wait for another 8 months and apply for divorce

Since her first period got postponed their parents and her did not allow me to have sex with her. She simply avoids me

or is there anyway in a law to give a counselling for her to come and leave a life with me.

Am not forcing her, but she is having interest and acting like a doll according to their parents suggestion.

Is there anyway to trace the record of last 2 months phone calls between us as a proof for this...

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Re: denial of sex from wife for past 4 months
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2013, 02:46:52 AM »
From what i see your wife no longer wants to cohabit with u anymore. You start gathering evidence such as call recording, find out her where abouts etc u got to do these tactfully. When u have something concrete than file for RCR.
Advocate Arjun India's Finest legal expert

Offline Karthik

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Re: denial of sex from wife for past 4 months
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2013, 03:10:39 AM »
Sir is there anyway to trace the talks and get the recored voice between us from the concerned network operator as a proof(for the past 2 months)

Moreover she is there in my home for 5 days on the starting of marriage, so can i escape from dowry harassment.


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