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Author Topic: Wife of bro-in-law threatening family though we share no relations for years  (Read 1682 times)

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I would surely need an opinion as its already too much to just sit silently and wait time to make things normal .. I have already been lost peace of my house for last many years ..this lady uselessly drags our name in her disturbed married life n takes our names out of frustration though our family has no interests or interference in her married life.. initially we respected them and welcomed home when ever they visited but later when we saw her abusive nature n sick relationships with my in-laws and her husband then we stopped communicating even a single word and sharing any relationship hoping for a happy and peaceful family of her own in due course of time ..but she never ever improved and infect after having two kids, her own relationship with my bro-in-law has not improved slightly and recently she has been abusing n fighting with her parent-in-law and her husband.. her parents also threatened her husband many times n had abused his parents n threatened them to sue false cases on them along with life treats to them,  taking help of connection with goons n showing their huge wealth her parents have been trying to threaten all.. my wife has no relation with her any issue and we got married after her marriage so my family has no relation with their post married life.. i can feel that when ever she gets frustrated with her failed married life she tries to disturb as many people as possible out of anger and sick mentality and poor human management.. she has previously disturbed my family life after making phone calls to my parents and falsely propagating baseless talks about me and my wife..she s a hopeless person n surely needs to be stayed away from our life as its my legal right to have a peaceful family of my own and she has no right to drag us uselessly in frustration or any sick reason of her own ,to take our names and threaten me n my wife ..I have no interest in any of her future actions or deeds and wish to let us live with peace and self respect as we never ever speak or interfere in her any decision or deeds of life .. i wish to protect my family from her devilish nature or any future trouble out of her sick mind.. please advice how law can help me to lead a peaceful life with my small family inclusive of aging father who also gets disturbed due to his old professional relations with her father.. she s surely taking undue advantages all because of my father has worked with her father in past otherwise there s no link of us with her any present circumstances or deeds.. i have always been praying for her so she gets wisdom and right mind to make her own family happy and prosperous so we all can live peacefully with our respective kids and families.. may god bless her with caring heart n mind towards her own kids and husband so they can also live together joyously and healthy..i have no ill feeling for her and just wish to protect my kids n family from any devilish attack if she n her family do not manage their own selves properly..
Thanks in advance
Best wishes to all and a happy new year to all of us
Sharad Kumar 

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get a restraining order from court directing Wife of bro-in-law to stop interfering in your family life. this will not only get her in check but also bring to courts notice that she is a trouble maker. and any future attempts to mentally harass will be brought to check
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