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Author Topic: Please help - How to protect myself from in laws while applying for divorce  (Read 1513 times)

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Am a pvt engineer & my parents are very old, they just cant fight with my in-laws family. They are threatening me very badly.

 married 3 months ago (as per HINDU marriage act - Chennai registered marriage), near my days marriage days i found my wife is little adamant on her issues, I just left & moved on with life. Later, one day for small disagreement, she threatened me by suicide & told she will put me & my family in trouble. (when we were in her home along with her parents.) if i didn't agree with ther.
 Later on i found she has attitude problems, she is not properly adjusting with my parents - she always avoiding my parents, found she has been advised by her parents too.

 One fine day morning for small dispute, she attempted for sucide (hang) in my home & i rescued her with help of my neighbour.
 After that incident i have sent my wife to her home for this reason, But her parents are telling me, these are all common problems in life & advising me to adjust with her.

 BUT STRANGE TRUTH I FOUND, her parents took her hospital to psychiatrist without informing me & (i found this while am speaking with my wife through phone)
 she admitted that she has some problem from her childhood days & treated with same psychiatrist, But her parents are hiding from me.

 along this she has serious wheezing problem & serious irregular menstrual cycle problem - they didn't informed about this to our family before marriage.

 my parents are worrying like they anything because of these issues. - we are all mentally disturbed lot.

Till now i didn't asked a ruppee as a dowry, but they have gifted to their daughter.

 Am planning for divorce but Am from lower middle class family - I dont have big financial & people support in society. AFRAID OF MY LIFE VERY BADLY. Please suggess what to do? - will be thankful to your life ever.

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before going for any kind of legal recourse you should first of all gather as much evidence as possible.

But i don't think divorce at this stage would be apt, try to get things back to normal with your wife, get her home, please note that if you both stay away from each other things can never be ok.

Adv Carol Tripathi
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thank you very much for your reply sir,

But if she do the same again in my home, how can i protect myself & our family from bad situation?
Is there anyway to record the suicide attempt now ?


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