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Author Topic: Happy marriage led to divorce due to her mothers interference-Please Help  (Read 5389 times)

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we were a very happily married Hindu couple since 2005.

2009, Iost my job in UAE and had to come back to India while my wife remained in UAE.

While i was desperately looking for a job, I could not get either in India or UAE. My wife kept travelling to India to visit me.

In 2011, we went for a small vacation where my Mother in Law misbehaved with me. She left us in middle of vacation and me and my wife drove back alone.

Wife flew back to UAE but my mother in law kept misbehaving with me, for which i told her some stron words.

In exchange, she made my wife resign from her job, cancel her visa and come back to India.

I went to her place to make sure that my wife has really come back. There I was attacked by her relatives, escorted out by police and put in lock up overnight under section 155.

After 5 months we started chatting with each other and she kept making stupid excuses of delaying coming back.

In exchange, I abused her father, disclosed my mother in laws extramarital affair and 2 murders.

I flew to UAE with a job in 2012. We were chatting normally while she was yet reluctant to come back and yet confirming me that she wants to come back but her family members wont allow her to.

I abused her family big time on the emails. almost 20 emails per day, full of royal order desi north indian adjectives, cc to the whole family.

I opened her Facebook and emails to find out that she is purposely delaying to come back.This made her to file reports in cybercell for hacking and a few more police complains (NOT FIR) against myself and my mother. Probably to claim back the jewllery we purchased with joint savings. I realised that she has made the cyber cell summons to my Managing Director in UAE, because of which i lost my job again.

She has also filed divorce case on grounds of "irretreavable damage to marriage" and "change of my religion (since abusive words are not practised in Hinduism".

She appealed for an exparty proceeding since I never went to the court from UAE.Judge granted her the permission for ex-party.

I am yet very hopeful and confident that she does not want to divorce me, She is under heavy control of her mother who is a bad woman to an extent of murdering 2 lives (sister in law and one abortion). Her mother made my wife physically satisfy the politicians so the murder case be closed as suicide. My wife got pregnant and her mother killed that child too. I knew this before marriage and overlooked it for a happy life forward.

While I recently visited India, I couriered her a mobile phone, just before boarding the flight to UAE so that she does not mess with my passport.

In return, her lawyer came with her and police not less than 5 times and I picked up the phone to threaten him of making police reports that he forced enter my residence, tried to loot and rape my mother and threatened her of life. I have not yet lodged this report. It was only a threat.

My lawyers have adviced to let the decree come to be able to kill the police complaints she has made. The moment i approach High Court to re-unite, the police reports will come live again.

Her lawyer is well known for his crooked approach and blackmail. He was also slapped a fine of Rs 10,000 for wasting Court's time on a baseless petition.

How do I get my wife back?? She is neither receiving my phone nor replying my mails. She does read them all.

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Re: Happy marriage led to divorce due to her mothers interference-Please Help
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 05:12:51 AM »
How nice u want your wife back file rcr along with it file an ir for restraining in laws from interfering in your marital life
Adv.Misthi Mukherjee
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Re: Happy marriage led to divorce due to her mothers interference-Please Help
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2014, 06:05:59 AM »
Thank you Ms Mukherjee.

The moment I file an RCR, I will have to keep travelling to India. My joblessness for past 3 years has put me under heavy financial burden and there are heavy un-paid education loans (USD 65000).

Additionally, if I appear in court, her lawyer is sure to mess around through police and risk my passport to be impounded.

My lawyer suggests that let the court pass a decree Exparte in her favor and then you are free to re-marry the same girl if affection remains.

Already 3 years have passed and I am losing patience.

Do you think she will get ex-parte decree with the argument that

1. I have changed religion for Hindu do not abuse- Emails attached.
2. Irretrievable breakdown of marriage?

My colleagues (professor of behavior science-dealt with 498a for his own sister) also suggests that the court will encourage the idea that i want to save this marriage and therefore let the decree happen.

My problem is impatience.

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Irretrievable breakdown of marriage? Is not a ground for divorce in India. Yes your wife can apply for ex-parte divorce but that takes time to get. Court foes not give that very easily. As this kind of divorce is subject to challenge
Advocate Shelly is a Top Notch Learned Council

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The only way u can expedite ex parte is by acknowledging the receipt of summons
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