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Author Topic: Grayscale Legal : Changing the modus operandi of the legal industry  (Read 1340 times)

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You may have come across our work with GrayCheck that is doing the rounds - if not, you could refer to these:

    India Law Journal (Issue 1, Vol. 6)

    Times of India, Bangalore
    Times of India, Bhopal

    Bar & Bench (on GrayCheck)

    Bar & Bench (An interview with Rohan Mukherjee, CEO & Founder)

Why Grayscale Legal?

  • You don't have the luxury of interns at your workplace all the time- we are here to fill up that space.
        Campuses have access to sophisticated research databases and libraries which can be virtually at your disposal via Grayscale Legal.
        We know your time is important. Every minute is. So don't let the work that can be taken care of by law students eat into the time you can invest in an important conference or the hearing you need to prepare for.
        You have at your disposal a pool of law students- ready to be tested, rattled and hired. We are that bridge connecting you to campuses all over India.
        We offer a flexible range of services tailored to your professional requirements.
Of course, these are not just words - do glance through GrayBoard to take a look at the projects we have undertaken in the last few months.

How do I use Grayscale Legal and how do you guys operate ?

  • It's simple. Visit and submit the online form (Takes less than 2 minutes)
    We will instantly get back to you and update the students/researchers on this assignment, keeping all sensitive information confidential.
    You do not pay us if the deadline is not met. And if a student successfully completes 3 assignments set by you, he/she should receive a recommendation, or work opportunity that is purely based on his/her ability to work.
    Payments are made only by online transfers.


₹ 100 per legal issue.
(One question may have more than one legal issue. Will be run by the client)

₹ 100 per document proof read

(Regardless of the number of pages)

₹ 700 per week for Legal Assistants
(Hire a student exclusively to be at your beck and call. All your professional needs. One smooth Assistant.)

₹ 400 per legal article

(We have done splendid work for blogs and websites featuring legally succinct articles.)

How do you manage with these low fees?

We are a registered non-profit company, the fee charged is only to ensure our sustainability since our focus is to wipe out the CGPA and portfolio oriented culture predominant in law schools - the profession of law is much more than that!

Believe me when we say this based on the services provided to previous clients - you WANT this. 

Feel free to drop in a mail to Rohan Mukherjee, CEO ( of Grayscale Legal directly in case of any query/clarification.

Thank you.

Grayscale Legal, Inc.
A Registered (Non-Profit) Private Limited Company

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Re: Grayscale Legal : Changing the modus operandi of the legal industry
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2014, 10:12:05 PM »
legal Industry... legal Profession has become an industry now


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