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Author Topic: Breaking marriage  (Read 2264 times)

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Breaking marriage
« on: March 07, 2014, 07:02:15 AM »
Case of intimidation to break our daughter’s married life from groom’s family
This case pertains to constant intimidation to end the marriage life of our only daughter, by the groom, influenced by his parents, consequent to some petty issues developed in December 2013.
My daughter and our only child was married to a Bengali boy of our community. Both my daughter and son-in-law worked in IT in a famous IT city of India at the time of arranged marriage three years ago. Me and my wife have maintained a cordial relationship with the groom and his parents and both families visited each other’s homes. We visited our daughter’s home too on  several times since marriage. The groom went abroad on  a long assignment where my daughter also joined and started working.
In December last year, we went to a planned a tour of the country where they are living. We travelled many places with them. On one occasion, we shared a picture of our daughter and her mother in the sea beach costume and  shared with our friends  in my wife’s social web page. There was nothing vulgar about it, yet we withdrew it in few hours. My daughter was unaware of it. However it came to the notice of the boy’s parents in India and immediately they provoked the boy to challenge and insult us, as if we had spoiled their family’s dignity. The boy shouted rudely to me , my wife and daughter in the hotel and uttered nasty words to project the mean and dirty moral values of our family. He even caught hold of my wife’s wrist. We tried to pacify him in the beginning taking a lenient attitude to our son-in-law but he was unstoppable. Later, we dealt with him firmly reminding him that his extended family members had assured our daughter all kinds of freedom regarding petty dress code etc to express their broad-mindedness at the time of marriage. We reminded the boy of causing irreparable damage between these two families by insulting us.
The groom’s stepmother showed her unwelcoming attitude to our daughter since the day of marriage. She pretended of her depression and illness and ordered food from hotels on frequent occasion during our daughter’s stay in their home. She used to stalk into her in social sites and once objected to her wearing a half pant in a picture. The grooms’ father seems to stand as a mute spectator before her.
Ever since this incident, the boy’s family, specially his step-mother has been provoking him in phone in odd hours such as 2 in the night and totally spoiled our tours. We could hardly sleep and eat properly throughout the journey for their constant phone call to the boy. We returned to our work place in due course and made fresh telephonic request to the boy that we had forgiven him for his deed and inspired him to resume a healthy conjugal relation with our daughter but on the contrary, the boy started distancing himself from her. He started mentally torturing her by uttering ugly and sarcastic language targeting  her mom. Then he started intimidating her that his parents had made up their minds to break this marriage as they see no future in the relationship. The groom was initially a lot better and appears to behave in this hostile way at the behest of his parents, specially his step mother.
We belong to a typical Bengali Middle class family. We have our own values and tradition. Divorce is never expected and unheard in our several generations. As parents, we consider it as a Deathblow to our daughter’s life, as she is innocent. It is not only for her social and financial security, but also for her mental peace and stability. We as parents cannot overlook her pity as we were parties to this arranged marriage. Therefore, I seek legal advice on the following issues:
Does our  daughter not deserve a dignified peaceful marriage life with the boy? On what legal ground can they appeal to break this marriage, where, the entire responsibility of spoilage of relation goes to them on this petty issue. Till date, we have not confronted to his parents and had no talk in phone on this issue. Is our Hindu marriage institution so brittle that the grooms’ family unilaterally can break it as their wish just because we refused to accept their unjustified hostile behavior?

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Re: Breaking marriage
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 01:58:50 AM »
I have been going through a similar situation..
My husband too, behaved nicely in the early days, but as the time went on, his behavior got rude, and he talked to my parents in an extremely unacceptable way.
He has been shouting on me, on small issues. His mother never missed a chance to insult me right before him, and as a result, my family, and everyone in my relation has been insulted.
I understand that it is very difficult for you to break the marriage and let divorce happen. I belong to a middle class family as well. And, even after suffering a lot, I had been trying to calm things down.
But, all my efforts went in vain.
Now, I am planning to get divorced, since, I have realized that it is better to live alone, than to die everyday, listening to their nonsense.
I suggest you to consider the real happiness of  your girl. She only knows, what she's been tolerating, and trust me, even if she goes back, she'll not have that patience to bear with it lifelong. She has enough time to start from scratch.
It will definitely take time, but she'll recover, as I have.

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Re: Breaking marriage
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2014, 01:58:50 AM »


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