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Author Topic: I am in very big trouble please help me friends  (Read 1990 times)

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I am in very big trouble please help me friends
« on: August 11, 2014, 05:48:49 AM »
I am Manoj- MBA- Job in IT sector - Father retired Army Men- 5 sisters i have 4 elders (Married) and one younger-single (Asthma and spine problem to younger sis).My Parents are in old age and in very critical health issue- Mostly my younger sister admit them in hospital manager all things. After 4th elder sis marriage on Feb 2013, My parents fixed my marriage in hurry for managing home. on May 2013 I got married - She(wife)was just 9th Pass.

After 1 month of marriage she started to create problem in family- and increasing tension of my parents- she always fight with me and my sister- she wants to enjoy her life and wants to go out for shopping and fun instead of caring my old parents. She always demand to do all house work should be done my my sister, she will not do anything. she sleep long in morning and wake up very late -and in afternoon she do same with her sleeping and don\'t care my parents are hungry or not.

After 2 months she started to threaten us to go back home at her house or otherwise she will commit suicide. She called up her father daily and told bed things about us and her father threaten me to blame - Dowry case or rape case of my wife. Her father and mother always told me to live saprate from my old mother and father and give full salary in hand of my wife,otherwise they warn me to create a false case of dowry and other related case to create problem for me and my family.

This is just 14 months completed and she rarely live with me 3-4 months only at my home otherwise she lives at her father house when my parents are in hospital in critical conditions.

(Her uncle\'s daughter told me that she (wife had relationship with someone before marriage and when i asked on phone to her (wife) it that right or wrong, she refused and finally told meyes it was but 6 months before of marriage but not now) she ask me go at her home again and again and stay there for 4 months 2 months 3 months.

her family is warning me to court case - what should i do - i am in very big trouble - i am not able to continue my job as high stress and tension, here my parents are not in good health and hospitalized. and here they (in law family) creating a big mind stress to me.

Please give me advice regarding this.

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Re: I am in very big trouble please help me friends
« Reply #1 on: August 11, 2014, 06:16:30 AM »
Plz cut your story short and come to the point
Adv.Misthi Mukherjee
I am here to help, Shoot your legal problem to me, I promise I will help

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