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Author Topic: Need Legal Advice to get relief from Drunkard father  (Read 1702 times)

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Need Legal Advice to get relief from Drunkard father
« on: August 13, 2014, 11:42:35 AM »
I would like to tell about my family and our pathetic situation now.

We are four in our family.My father,mother,elder brother and me.My father is a drunkard.His age is around 59.He used to drink a lot and mentally tortured us for many years.He used to abuse us in very vulgar languages.Also he has a habit of peeping into neighbors house in the night.Bcoz of him we lost our respect in our locality.So Eight years ago we left him in native place and shifted to chennai and settled in chennai for the past 8 years.Nearly 6 years he was not aware of where we were.Two years back,he suffered from TB and we treated him in hospital along with that he had undergone treatment for De addiction for nearly 4 months.He was fine for 8 to 9 months.Then he started troubling us again.So we sent him out again for nearly 1 year.Again he fell sick and came back to us.We treated him again and this time we made him to stay in a nearby mansion.We provided him with food,accommodation and medical expenses.Nearly we spent Rs.8500 per month for him.From last month again he started drinking and started abusing the women workers in mansion and also started getting money from nearby shops by saying that he is hungry.We advised him many times but he never listens to us.He is threatening us by saying that he will make a police complaint against us and he will make us to pay him monthly Rs.10000 for his expenses.We never worry about paying him Rs.10000 per month provided if he spends it for his food and medical expenses.I tel u a small example.Last month we believed him and gave him Rs.3000 for buying some shirts.He bought shirts for just Rs.900 and spent remaining amount for liquor. Not only that he used to curse me and my brother that we wont live happily,we will lose our life and we will beg in streets for food and all.Also he used to say that he will torture my mom and make her commit suicide.For nearly 6 years we had a good name in our area.Almost we stayed in single house for nearly 6 years.Bcoz of him we shifted our house and lost our reputation.

We treated his illness twice.Also we were taking care of his expenses.But still he is threatening us.How can we digest if someone spends our hard earned money for liquor.
What is the legal remedy available for children from fathers like this?what kind of action we can take against him?Is it wrong from our side to live with dignity?I hope we are not the only one like this.Lot of people in our state is facing problems like us.

law is only to protect parents from children not for children's from father like him?????

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Re: Need Legal Advice to get relief from Drunkard father
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2014, 09:01:43 PM »
what should i advise on a family matter.
you let us know what action you want to take .
we can advise you whether it is possible or not as par law
Advocate Abdul
I am Muslim law Advisor

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