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Author Topic: Section 9 Ex Parte - What after that  (Read 3235 times)

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Section 9 Ex Parte - What after that
« on: September 04, 2014, 06:58:52 PM »
I am 26 year old Men, working in Delhi. I got married this year in January 22. Let me explain some ground here.

We gt engaged on 27 June 2012, as she was doing Btech at that time, I never disturbed her by calling her again and again, so we used to talk in 3-4 days and that too for 5 minutes. I know the family from many years, and in their family, girls are not allowed to talk with boys, kind of typical Indian Family. So I understand the fact, and at that time, I accepted that she will take some time to get involved.

At the time of marriage, I asked her about Honeymoon, but she said, she has to appear for GATE-2013 and she is not ready for any physical relationship, so we cancelled the honeymoon, after 4 days of her marriage, she left for her college hostel, to complete her engineering. Problem started, when she stopped answering my call, I asked her why and she said, that in her college no one knows that she is married. So being an engineer, I understand that how it feels like. So she used to call me sometime, once in a week.

In June she shifted to my home place, I decided to leave her with family to spend some time with them, and I will bring her with me, but on every weekend, I used to visit my home, but we didn't get involve in any physical relation. We started fighting, as she was not understand me, not even ready to listen things. I asked her many time, even before the marriage, if she had a boyfriend or any other things, but she refused, and I know this is correct.

Later in July, she shifted to me in delhi, and after 2 days, she was ill, so dropped her to her brother's place, as no one here to look after for her, I use to visit there daily, but she never shows any interest, I tried to discuss with her, what is the issue, but she never discuss anything. I asked her parents to get involved, but no result. She said that she want more time, till may 2014, to prepare her mind, and shifted to a hostel, to complete her coaching for gate-2014. I made this admission so that she can continue her studies, but I was not ready to pay for hostel, as it was an extra burden, which I could not afford.

I tried all the mode of communication but no help, her parents are not calling me either, they are afraid with a fact, that she might take some wrong steps, if forced to come back.

We never had any physical relation, since the marriage.

I filed section 9 on 3rd January 2014, and on 3rd July 2014, court ordered Ex-Parte, as they did not appear in court for 4 continues dates. Till now they have not filed any FIR or case or anything against me. They asked for some amount for settlement, I was ready to pay, but they were asking to submit money in their account and then they will sign the paper. I declined it, after discussing it with my lawyer and going through some discussion on some website.

Now can somebody help me to understand, what exactly is this Ex parte and what will will happen next. Do I have a strong case, or any idea how long will it take to complete.

Thanks for your help till now.


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Re: Section 9 Ex Parte - What after that
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2014, 10:11:44 PM »
you have to ensure in Ex Parte divorce that the wife receives the summons than this will be granted to you in their repeated absence from court.

they should not appear in court than this is granted.

But ex-parte is not granted that easily it will take around 2 1/2 years to 3 years to actually get it.

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