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Author Topic: False-498A and wife along with her parents took possession of inlaws house  (Read 2088 times)

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Hi Members,
1.My brother sampath got marrried in 2010 to sonam .The marriage was done with false information on education of girl and date of births .
2.They lived for 1 year in my parents house.House built by my father out of his hard earned money and a bank loan.
3.Sonam started harassing my parents whenever she was asked to do any house hold work.She use to say she will filea domestic violence case .
4.Due to attitude problems and my brother got job in another town sonam and sampath moved to that place but her harassement like i will jump out of the building if u wont listen to me also her relatives threatens to my brother continued.
5.She got pregnant but her harassement increased .She went to her parents village in her 7th month.
6.My brother wanted an assurance from their elders that she behave properly but it never happened.
7.My Parents and brother never brought her back as her relatives and her never changed their abusive nature.
8.After delivery with 6 months kid she made a force entry into our house.And started behaving differently like putting lots of salt or cooking lots of food and thraetening i will call police if u say anything to me.
9.One day she ran out of our house simply shouting help/help and all neighbours gathered and police came in minutes which my parents got surprised by her behaviour.
10.Police advised her and left.She started threating again of booking a police case.
11.Even my side elders try to explain her that she has kid now and she need to think of kids future and behave properly.She never listened to them and one day made a big seen.
12.On advice of elders my parents and brother left to native place.
13.She went to WPS and made my parents come there along with my brother and got a paper signed that after 3 months my brother will take her to his job place/town.
14.She abused my parents and brother bringing some goondas to police station.
15.My parents cont staying in my native place and my brother APPLIED FOR DIVORCE.
16 After an year they try to visit their house but she locked them and hit them.Police supported her and no action on my parents complaint.
17.Same day my parents left to their native place .Following day with the help of neighbours with their signatures she filed a false 498 case and after 3 months my parents were arrested from their home town and after 3 days they got bail.
18 Still sonam took possession of our house along with her parents.
19.We filed  a quash petition in high court.But due to the nature of judge my lawyer is buying time since last 3 months not bringing the case to table.
20.The trial started in lower court.
21 My parents are senior citizens and they are thrown out of their own property.

Please advice how can my parents take back their house.Its not matrimonial home its on my Fathers name.
My lawyer is afraid that if my parents go to their house this lady living in adjacent portion will agin create a prob and this will have a negative impact on trial.

Loosing their house and into false 498 case and lawyer acting nothing my parents and brother now cycologically depressed and counting days of their life and cont to live in native place and this lady happily took possession of our house and living along with their parents.

Please advice how can my parents get back their house.

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Re: False-498A and wife along with her parents took possession of inlaws house
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2014, 08:02:33 PM »
go for mediation get this solved between husband and wife, you will not get anything out of the case nor the husband nor the wife.

settle the matter amicably amongst the parties, court will only give you dates.

permanent anxiety and tension, after a couple of years more you will lose your health too.

the justice process system in itself is a huge punishment.

be the intelligent one and solve the matter in mediation
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