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Author Topic: IT Act 66 C, Identity Theft And Deleted All Personal Information  (Read 1476 times)

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IT Act 66 C, Identity Theft And Deleted All Personal Information
« on: December 02, 2014, 07:12:07 AM »
Hello Advisers,

Subject : This case is in regards to an IT Act 66-C, says identity theft and deleted all the personal information from the person's email account.

I was in a relationship with a girl for about more than three years and we planned to get married too. End of the day parents of the girl brain washed the girl and made her say that she is not interested to marry me.  I needed answers to my questions when she decides to give up our relationship and leave me alone. I approached her parents that why did their daughter played with my life in the name of love and marriage. Then her father filed a case against me that I have been harassing his daughter for love and marriage under IPC sections 506,509 and IT acts 66-A, 67 and portrayed me very badly in the electronic media too that they have a life threat from me to them and their daughter. I was arrested and remanded to the court eventually I came out through bail.

After one month later she phoned me from a coin box and expressed that her parents only made all false allegations against me and insisted her to support them to the concerned and she disclosed her email password asking me to check her account to make me believe her activities. But I didn't go into her gmail account soon after instead I received an email from her after she spoke to me couple of days later that she was threatening me in the email that she will not leave me and lead my life peacefully for the rest of my life because I told her that I will come up with all facts of our relationship producing all the physical evidences in the court for her father filed a case against me. She said me to deleted all the emails regarding our relationship from her account that is why she disclosed me her password. As I was in a depression because of her rejection of our marriage and deleted only few specific emails only concern to our relationship accordingly she said, but there was no her personal information in the account. Soon after I deleted the emails accordingly she said, she sent me another email that I did a great job as she expected and got trapped and suggested me to deleted rest of the emails in regards to our relationship and said that she hasn't changed any settings in her account, because she has no patience to deleted them as she  said the same in the email she sent to me. Now I have these latest emails from her with me. Later she made a complaint in the cyber police station that one unknown culprit hacked her gmail account and deleted her personal information. The police investigated and found me through IP address and the internet connection I was using. In the inquiry I told about everything but still the police treated the act was a kind of Identity theft and intentionally deleted the information from her account.
Now the case has come to the trial,  at first stage would be a cross examination of the complainant. I had a lawyer, I was not happy with his services and took no objection from him to argue my case by my own. So, I'm going to cross exam the complainant who is my lover. Now I have all physical evidences of the email which sent to me asking me to login her email account and delete the email in regards to our relationship, but I don't have the physical proof that she only provided me the password to get logged in because she disclosed the password over the phone so I don't have record for that but I have continuously communication from her end through emails that I did what she wanted and got trapped and she was wanting me to delete rest of the emails as she didn't have patience to delete them.

Now here I need your very valuable advises.

Thanking You All.

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IT Act 66 C, Identity Theft And Deleted All Personal Information
« on: December 02, 2014, 07:12:07 AM »


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