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Author Topic: Any possible option without filing police complaint  (Read 1500 times)

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Any possible option without filing police complaint
« on: February 27, 2015, 04:02:57 AM »
Hello all,
My sister is married since 8 years and has a child (girl) of 6 years old. But the behavior of her husband and his family is not good towards her. Earlier she was working and earning 60k-65k/month, but decided to leave the job to take care of her child till she becomes a bit young. Since that time there has been lot of issues arising in her home. Her husband's family keeps blaming her about lot of things without reason. For an example, she came to my home for few days and during that period her husband met with an accident. Now they (including her husband) blamed her for that also. Her husband keeps spending a lot on different things (unnecessary) and then my sister has been asked to take care of expenses for home and child. And when she tried to explain him and doing savings for the future of child, there are always fights. He keeps good relations and acts very good in front of our people, but later back at home situations are different. Also her husband is short tempered and does lot of things in rage, even he has broken things in their home cause of rage, and also has beaten my sister couple of times. He also keeps threatening that he will go away or do something to himself. My sister keeps calm and is not reacting against it cause she fears there might me more worst situations for her and child. For this reason she does not want to file complaint in police also.
But this is the second time he has beaten her, and it was very bad beating where she suffered lot of injuries and swellings. In this situation, even if she is not willing to file complaint (cause of fear for future happenings), I do not want to keep it going like this as it can create more major issues in future, if action is not taken.
In this scenario, respecting my sister's wish for not filing complaint, I would like to know if there is any other option to tackle this situation. I mean, is there any option of writing a statement of all the incidents (possibly attaching a medical certificate of caused injuries) and keep it in some custody for future reference if required? Or is it possible to file a police complaint, but without the knowledge of her husband or his family, without police taking any action on it, just for records?
I am really looking out for an option where my sister and her child is not in danger, cause if her husband or his family comes to know about this, then there sure will be more issues.

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Re: Any possible option without filing police complaint
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2015, 09:04:21 AM »
Contact social workers ngos for your matter.
since you do not want legal assistance at this moment
if u like my posting plz submit your comments

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