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Author Topic: How to get a legal intervention here , regarding mental checkup of my father  (Read 1668 times)

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My father is 64years old and exhibiting strong symptoms of psychological disorders bordering Schizophrenia. ( I am a doctor in General Medicine , so I can see and understand the signs)
He is adamant to get a counselling ( even from my friends) or a treatment.
I have been telling this to him for more than 5 years for which he only took hurt and behaving more aggressively.
He is also , the owner of all family property ( though he did not earn , due my very successful grandfather , who was a lawyer ) and with his impulsive and wrong decisions he lost lot of money in last 10years.
When I try to console him and explain him regarding losses , he feels his ego hurt and starts looking me as trying to grab property from him.
  My mother died long ago , and no maid is able to take care of him because of his attitude.
I couldnt marry , because he has some sexually deviated thoughts  and I once lost a woman I loved because of his misbehaviour with her.
   I can happily go and live alone anywhere , but , he will ruin all family money ( now I dont care for that too ) , but he wont survive an year without proper home and food. For 10years it has become a hard ordeal for me to supply food and booze and other stuff available for him.
 I am very vexed up , but cannot leave him.   I do not like him much , but I can understand its all his mind and with some good medical intervention he could get well.
Is there a possibility in law where I can get a court ordered psychological checkup ?? I know this means lot of shame for me and my family in public, but I am not able to leave him like that .

Actually my mother committed suicide , unable to face his psychological abuse and he is rendering same to me , but I am bearing all that as I see him as a patient. But offlate he is now totally unbearable

Offline advocatesingh

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yes you should get an order from court for his medical check up, that is possible cause right to health and medicine is a constitutional right.

another thing since he does not trust you why don't you mention that too in the application seeking courts order to transfer him to old age home for better care and physiological well being of your father.

since you are single it will be considered by court.

this way you can also get married and your father will find new friends he too will improve, meet him often.

its time you both change your lives.
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