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Author Topic: legal battle for properies  (Read 1068 times)

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legal battle for properies
« on: May 10, 2015, 12:25:33 AM »
I have purchased 3 properties in Mumbai since 2007. First one is a resale property in Navi Mumbai ‎with a bank loan (loan finished in 2010 by prepayment). The property is in joint name of me & my ‎wife. The second property bought is in a SRA project which is on my name. The Third property is ‎again bought in a SRA project where my in laws have invested & asked me to invest (the builder is ‎family friend of them). This property is also on joint name of me & my wife. ‎
I got married in 2004. Itís a love marriage. At the end of 2006, I got an opportunity to come ‎abroad. So I purchased my first house. Once settled there, I called my wife to join me. By the end ‎of 2007 she also started working here. I gave the power of attorney to my father in law to handle ‎my NRE account as well as all my properties in my absence as I trusted them a lot. In 2009 my ‎father in law took a loan of 2 lacs from me. In 2012 again took a loan of 3 lacs. None of which is ‎paid back to me. The money has been transferred from my NRE account & joint account (what is ‎the legal way to get your money back from such people). In 2011, I found out that my wife is ‎cheating on me. After collecting all the proofs (emails, call details, phone recordings) I gave her a ‎chance to save my marriage. In 2013, I again found her cheating (whatsapp msg) and finally ‎decided to take divorce. My wife came back to India & tried to convince me by saying sorry & ‎begged for one more chance. I denied it. After that she lodged a false complaint against me & my ‎family members. I then applied for a divorce & asked my property papers which I kept with my In ‎laws. They denied it straight away. Then Moved from their house to my first property which was ‎rented for last 7 years (I have never received any rent for same as I was told that the money is ‎used to invest somewhere). In her complaint she has mentioned that the first property is bought by ‎her with the help of her parents. The second one is also bought with the money of her parents & I ‎am denying her share. She has not mentioned anything about the third property which I bought ‎from her family friend builder. I only have the Xerox copies of all my property papers. ‎
My second property is not yet ready. Hence I get the yearly rent from the builder. But my in laws ‎have gone to the developers and threatened them for giving them the rent cheque. They denied it ‎but are scared to give me as my wife has threatened them with police complaint. ‎
The third property is not even started as the project is delayed due to some legal issues. I doubt my ‎in laws must have taken the money from the builder & thatís why not mentioned it in their ‎complaint. When I asked them about it they said they will reply it in court.‎
I have all my salary slips, appointment letter, bank statements with me as my income proofs. I also ‎have all the salary slips, appointment letter of my wife along with her infidelity proofs. The NRE ‎account is only on my name & only my father in law was given the power to handle it which he did ‎for his own interest. My salary was more than double to my wife salary. My only kid is with them ‎and they are using him as a shield. He has been taught as not to talk to me. ‎
I want to get back all my properties from these cheaters. I am ready to fight a battle for truth. I ‎donít want to compromise anymore. Initially I agreed for the mutual divorce as I donít want to go ‎through all the hassles of court & didnít want my family members to suffer from it. Since she has ‎crossed all her limits in hurting me emotionally and financially I have decided to fight my case. ‎Kindly suggest what should be my legal moves for it. I have already filed a divorce case. For which ‎she has filed a DV case against me and my family. What can I do for the properties?‎
I am ready to give her 50% from the properties in the joint names. but she says as she has also ‎contributed to the property which is on my name only. she wants 50% of that as well. Her share in ‎all the properties was nominal compared to mine. I guessed the court will also consider the ‎individual contribution in all the properties while sharing it.‎
The DV case is completely baseless as she just wants to misuse the laws against men in India. But ‎she doesnít have any proofs for her allegations where as I have lots of them against her each ‎baseless allegations.‎

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