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Author Topic: Wife's parents misbehaving and denying to visit my kid  (Read 1739 times)

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Wife's parents misbehaving and denying to visit my kid
« on: May 25, 2015, 03:29:17 AM »

I belong to Hindu Community and got married in Feb 2013. My wife got conceived in April 2014 and for some paltry reason she left our house and went and stayed with her parents from June 2014 for almost 4 Months without returning to our home. We finally told that we are not interested in continuing the marriage relationship and proceed legally to get separated. My wife's family planned to threaten us through some external forces but we told the facts and behaviour of my wife. The mediators were convinced that there is nothing wrong either from me or my family. Hence the mediators who came from my wife's family side scolded them and asked them to send back to my home. Finally she returned our home after 4 months as their plan of threatening didn't worked out.

She stayed with us for about 2 Months and we sent to her parents in the month of November (9th month of her pregnancy) by doing customary rituals as per our tradition. She delivered Baby boy on December 8th. After delivery she continued to stay with her parents as we have a practice of the first baby to groomed by wife's parents for the first 3 or 5 months. I used to visit my in-laws house every week or fortnight to see my Baby and wife. I never used to stay in my in-laws residence. My parents requested my in-laws to send my wife and Baby back to my residence in the fifth month i.e. in the month of may. But my in-laws denied to send them back and they told they will send only after my Baby is one year old.

As I am very fond of kids and I wanted to enjoy my fatherhood with my baby i thought of visiting more frequently and stay with my wife and kid to spend some quality time with my son. My in-laws including my wife started quarrelling with me that I should not visit frequently to see my son. Then I told them to send my wife and son so that I will take care of them at my own residence. They told me that they will send my wife and Baby only after one year that too if I make a separate residence for my wife's living. That means they want me to separate out from my aged parents. My parents are aged and I am the only son to take care of them. They also try to avoid my kid playing with me as they take away the kid from me whenever I wanted to spend time with my son.

This behaviour of my wife and my in-laws has disturbed me mentally.   I have recorded the conversation held between me and my wife's family and also their family advising my wife to force me to send my parents out of my own residence and stay with her and my son.

Request you to kindly advice me how to address the issue. It looks like they are trying to ransack me by keeping my son as a weapon against me. I want to stay with my wife and son and want to enjoy the moments of my son growing up. Please advice

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Re: Wife's parents misbehaving and denying to visit my kid
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2015, 06:54:12 AM »
personally i feel pity for you as anyone who is a single child (being a son) for our parents  faces this kind of problem from the wifes.... :-[.the sad thing is the inlaws (wifes parents) always wants to seperate the guy from his parents by some means or others.they doesnt know that their daughter one day becomes in laws to some one and that day she too might be pushed to the road.. :-[
these sort of women never change their attitude and so trying to make them understand never works out.they pretend to understand everything when a point comes that our parents are no more.that time also we will be the fools. better keep your sentiments for the kid apart.because one day the kid will know to differentiate between evil and good.
now avoid going to her home often to look the kid.try to distract your thoughts when you feel like seeing the kid.
dont call her and pretend as if you had forgot her.just do this.your wife will come down
if she doesnt lets proceed legally.
as long as we beg them they will behave like queens only.please do this.

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Re: Wife's parents misbehaving and denying to visit my kid
« Reply #2 on: May 25, 2015, 06:58:44 AM »
filing rcr would be an option but she might counter it with 498a and dv thereby dragging you and your family to the police station.but if this happens means thats the end of the road for the will definitely lead to divorce only.thats why i am not giving a legal solution now.what ever i said in the previous post will save your relationship for the future since you love living a happy life with your kid and your wife


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