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Author Topic: In Laws filed wrong FIR in Police after i did court marriage  (Read 2358 times)

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I married to a girl last month after court marriage i sent legal notice to girls village Police station and also to SP office of that village.hence because i already sent legal notice to there village they could not file a FIR against me in there state (Haryana).so what they did they filed FIR in Noida (U.P) and lied to police inspector that the girl went missing from noida.but actuall girl with me from haryana(But since i already sent legal notice about our court marriage they cant register case in haryana). no noida police is asking me to come noida to police to be present in front of megistrare else they will come to arrest me in bangalore(which is my hometown and Where i stay not).but i cannot go to noida because its to risky for both of us.i suspect that this is a trap of my inlaws to caught us in noida. we sent all our legal documents to noida police and informed him that we are legaly married and it is not safe to come in noida now. but the police officer is not listening anything and saying that since i had filed the case you have to come. he also admited that girls parents lied to him that girl went missing from noida.because when that police officer traced my call logs he find that girls last call was from noida.
My question is there any was that FIR can be closed/resolved without going to noida???
I did court marriage in delhi [Tis hazari court] so does noida police dont oblige delhi court marriage certificate..if her parents tomorow go and on basis of fake information file the case in jammu then do we have to go to jammu police station also???
Please reply because that police officer is really harassing my family that he will come to bangalore and arrest us all.
And one more thing.we asked him to send legal notice to our local police station but he says he will not send any notice and consider his calls as legal notice can he come to arrest us without sending written legal notice..
Please reply

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Re: In Laws filed wrong FIR in Police after i did court marriage
« Reply #1 on: June 02, 2015, 04:13:12 AM »
How can you be arrested if the girl testifies in your favour.
it all depends on the girl your future well being
Adv.Banani Mukherjee"
Jodhpur High Court
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Re: In Laws filed wrong FIR in Police after i did court marriage
« Reply #2 on: June 10, 2015, 11:19:47 PM »
Problem is inspector is saying since the case is filed in noida(u.p) so we both(me and my wife) have to present once in front of megistrat for hearing and if girl says that she went with me with her will then the case will be closed.but problem is it is very risky to go noida now becasuse girls parents may harm we want that somehow the case should be transferrd to nasik,maharashtra where i that we can do all legal formality in our hometown.but inspector is saying that we have to come noida this case cannot be solved in maharashtra court. and our local police are saying that instead goind to noida megistrare we can be presented to nasik court also and same procedure can be don here because law in india is same.its not different for every state.
so please suggest that is it really required to go noida or that case can be handelled in my hometown nasik also?

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