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Author Topic: Illegal imprisonment and illegal surveillance from Ivy League  (Read 1082 times)

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This is an email I would like to send to lots of media. Is sending the email legal? Thank you. The email is the following.
Around March 2014, she traveled with her alumnus. After she told some of them they shouldn't make love before marriage, she began to have bad luck. At first, a classmate helped her to look after the bag. Before that, there are a computer and a purse in the bag, but they disappeared later. She remembered that the bag was closed. At noon, a dozen of Chinese students got together to return the computer and purse to her. They laughed and talked about the words appeared in her draft box of her email box and Instant messaging software. The content of the draft box and instant message software was told to no one before. The bible-study group in Dartmouth College blasted them. After that, every move of her is watched in some way she doesn't know. People around her talked about her all day long. The teachers and students of the college should know that but nobody dare to say. She has an email that can proof the illegal surveillance. Even the radio was broadcasting what she is doing and insult her. Later she returned to China. She is illegally imprisoned at a hospital for 6 month. A man in the hospital said:"I know that you don't have disease." From that, we can know many people in the hospital know that she is illegally imprisoned. She cried everyday and told them that her mum and dad were waiting for her to go home, however, no one responded. But because they have large power, I can only seek for help from media and governments in other country. I believe that the media is fair and just. They will limit her freedom for life long. Although her alumnus treat her like that, she is very thankful to all the other ones in the school. They are the best ones she has ever seen. Because they are too strong, I'm fraid I'm dangerous. Please publish it, tell the local government, transfer this email to as many people as you can, and tell the police. Please make sure that publishing the email is in conformity with the law. Without the agreement, if anybody publish anything about her disease, I will take him to court. Please pay close attention to me. If I don't send you another email in 2 weeks, I'm illegally imprisoned or dead.
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Re: Illegal imprisonment and illegal surveillance from Ivy League
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 09:21:40 PM »
It was a very impressive thanks. I see this I'm feeling like that.


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