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Author Topic: marriage conflict  (Read 1737 times)

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marriage conflict
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:55:10 AM »
I got married 3 years ago on 29 june 2012. My husband asked for Rs.6.5 lakhs before marriage as there was some problem in his business. He runs a coaching institute. My father gave him that money. He told me that only two of us will live there after marriage coz there parents will go back to their ancestral place but nothing happened like this. Still i never asked him about this until our first ugly fight just bcoz of them. After my marriage, he never loved me, never cared for my necessities and never gave me money for my personal expenses. I used to fulfill all my personal necessities from the money i used to get from my father on regular basis. He never even gave me a single cloth or slipper in 3 years. In november 2013, he took my jewellery and mortgaged it in bank and didn't gave it back to me. I always supported him in crisis as i loved him a lot but he alwys abused me and mentally tortured me as he never liked me. Since the day we got married, he never wanted to come close to me. I used to initiate and force him for  physical relationship. We don't have a child yet coz he always had an excuse to sleep early like headache, business tensions etc. He even told me that u r so ugly that nobody would ever like to even touch u; I don't want a child like u; I m tolerating and going outside with u but i don't want to go with another person(our child) like u. I tried my best to please him but he and his family always blamed me that i m not good enough. His parents also dislike me and clearly told me this. He hit me 4 times. After his 3rd hit, i complained to my parents and went to my parents house for 2 months. I came back and after 5 months, he again hit me and i left his home for 6 months. I returned back again but after 3 months, both of us decided that i should go back to delhi where i used to stay for my job before marriage. It was basically my decision to prepare for some government service exams and he permitted me to go for an year. He told me to stay there and he will come to delhi and we will settle there. As he rarely visit his office, it was easy for him to manage everything from delhi also. In december 2014, i came to delhi and took admission in coaching. My father is bearing all the expenses. Its been 7 months but he never came to visit me. Our conversation on phone has also decreased to once a week. I was worried so i went to meet him on our 3rd anniversary on 29 june. He behaved normal in front of everyone and we had physical relation also in the night. But he told me that he don't want to live with me. He want just friendship between us and told me to stay in delhi and he will take care of my monthly expenses or give 10 lakhs rupees at once and end our relationship. Infact that 10 lakhs is my father's money (6.5 lakhs plus jewellery) but i didn't told him so. I am very upset as he want both of us to remarry someone else but i don't want to do this. I love him. My parents will be shattered after hearing this. He is now ditching me without my fault. He doesn't want to change his behaviour. Its easy for him to walk out. Before our marriage, he had an affair with a girl  he took 8.5 lakhs rupees from his dad and promised to give his daughter 50% share in business but they broke up as the girl was against joint family as do I. He returned their money in installments which was done even after our marriage. I m very tensed. What should i do now? I want to live with him in any situation as he is my husband but he has taken me for granted. He knows that i live him a lot and he is now emotionally torturing me. I want a family with him. I tried to convince him that this is wrong and we can live happily with some understanding but he just want to leave me. Should i take some legal action against him?

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Re: marriage conflict
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2015, 09:23:23 AM »
If you take any legal action against him then he will take things on his ego and will never be able to accept you ever.

Better is give him some time and realize your importance and make him feel that you are the best person he could have in life. Go for a family counseling and see the changes in him.

Warm Regards
Kapil Chandna Advocate
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