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Author Topic: PLEASE HELP. Should Employee be paid if not much work is done? It is completely  (Read 878 times)

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Hi ,

I am working in a private ltd company in Bangalore. It has about 100 employees. I joined there in february and they were starting a new line of business. I was part of a small team of four. Business was going great and we were over achieving the target by 200% to 300 %. It was a sales process and our target was $150 per day, but we made $300 to $450 per day. But the company was sharing the payment gateway with another shady business. So the payments were blocked in the middle of march. We continued to work, but the company couldn't run the business no more. So the process stopped in mid April. They actually kept the March month salary pending. They kept on promising that the salary will be released soon. If we speak with the manager, he says he will release the salary in a couple of days. In third week of April, they released 40% of March months salary. When we asked for arrears to be paid, they kept on repeating the same thing that they will pay in a couple of days. They said that the client didn't pay them and that is the reason why they couldn't ay us.They made us to sign a police complain against the client saying that he is delaying the salary. Of course nothing happened because I assume it was a Civil case and had to be dealt in court. So in first week of may, we asked to either relieve us of the duty and settle the salary soon or pay the arrear. The management said, "We do not want to lose our top performers. We will pay everything and every single day is accounted for. We will also compensate for the delay. Take a week leave and comeback and we will have everything set up and ready to go." A week passed by, we started working, but we never had a single call. The job was a kind of telemarketing, but no calls came for three days. They refused to relieve us of duty and promised that they will compensate for everything. They said, "Please trust us and help us. We are getting things ready and sorting out things. Everything should be ready soon and you have a bright future here." Days passed by. Now today, which is 9th June, they paid 33 % of March month salary. So there is still 27 % of march month salary pending and there is 100% April , 100% May month salary pending. So Now they want to negotiate on all the salary that is pending. Monthly salary is 22000. But now they are saying that they will pay 8000 rupees every ten working days. It will continue till July end. From August they will start paying the salary regularly.
That means they are backing out on their promise. Now they will underpay us for this and next month and then they will not pay anything for April and May.
I'm maxed out on all my credit cards, and I can't survive anymore. I haven't paid my loan EMIs for last three months because of this problem. Please help. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Please help.

This problem is only for our small team. Other teams were paid on time. They say that they do not want to mix up businesses in their company.

Thank you.

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You have the option of either filing a summary suit basing on your contract in a civil court or proceeding under payment of wages act following its rules.


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