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Author Topic: Copyright for brand name suggestions on Company naming contests(crowdsourcing).  (Read 2637 times)

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I participated in a number of Company naming contests on a crowdsourcing website.I had submitted a whole lot of entries for every project along with exact match domain names,which is hard to find..Recently i discovered a great number of my submissions have been registered for domains & trademarks conspicuously a week or so from my date of submission on the contest(too many instances to be a coincidence) and the registrant names of the domains have been hidden in most cased with privacy locks.When i contacted the creative support,to enquire if the buyer could've registered the names illegally without making a purchase,they said they couldn't find any direct connections between the buyer and the registered domain names while they also suggested it could be a case of domain "frontrunning" where the site on which i searched for domain name availability could've stolen the data & registered the domains by themselves only to sell it for a higher price.Some of this entries of mine have evolved as a brand over the months.
I would like to know if this would come under copyright infringement or trademark infringement?
Though i haven't registered the trademarks for these names,i believe it to be my original idea for which i can claim the copyright.
The only evidence i have is the screenshots for the names & domains i have submitted on the contest,along with date of submission & the date the domain was registered(Whois database).Is that sufficient to make a claim for infringement.If so how do i proceed?Please assist.

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domain name is registered based on first come first come first service basis. whoever registers first it belongs to him. you cannot do anything on that.

brand name is trademarked not copyrighted.

now merely trademark registration is not sufficient for a name protection it has to be a WORD  MARK  protection, not only that it has to be IN USE to make a claim in Court.

in your case you did not trademark them hence  no question of word mark protection.

the purpose of Trademark is to use it not register them and keep it ideal that defeats the purpose of trademarking.

To sum it all you do not have a case at all, so no question of any claim or compensation.
Adv.Banani Mukherjee"
Jodhpur High Court
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Offline arjun22985

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Thanks for the clarification.It was helpful..

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Copyright for brand name suggestions on company naming contests is based on first come and first serve basis. So my suggestion will be that keep your business name unique and easy to remember. Also competition
allow customers to identify you as a unique brand. So take suggestion from the best firm for Trademark & copyright service to register your business.

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