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Author Topic: Mischevious Tampering of official note by an official  (Read 1001 times)

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Mischevious Tampering of official note by an official
« on: August 07, 2015, 02:32:56 AM »

My salary for a  month was pending/ stopped  by group of  administrative  officials including the executive Authority ( EA1).

Two months later a new Executive Authority (EA2) (from another similar organization)  appointed  by  Govt. of India with full power  for till further order of appointment of a  Regular  person for that post.
After meeting & discussion with the new authority (EA2)  he could understood the matter & written a note in the file to release the  salary without any more communication in the matter which he marked to his next  lower  official in the protocol (LPO). He has written a full page write up in green sheet note & marking was gone to additional page ( a new sheet).

Next lower protocol official (LPO) he has signed in the file & sent to person responsible for custodian of records  (COR). all these were done in new sheet. this process consumed 5-6 days

The custodian of the records tampered the file in the following manner:
(1)  he has removed the new sheet       (on which executive authority marked to LPO & signature of LPO & marking to COR)
(2) At the end of the page ( in green sheet in which EA2 has given his approval for releasing my salary)    COR / he has marked ( written in his own hand writing)  to a higher authority  (HA) to the executive authority  ( EA2) with whom  COR/ he has got nexus.
(3) after about another 5-6 days  the highest authority ( HA ) again stopped my salary.

in this total process 15 days were passed  in the mean time the new authority (EA2) who has given approval is replaced by another new person (EA3)  whom I could no be able to convince & I am still did no get that month’s salary even after two years.

Regarding the tampering I  have got following proof

(1)  I have collected the same page from another  source within a month after the event/ incidence in which file movement references are mentioned
in the file note.

(2)  then I collected the same page through RTI in which one of the file movement reference was deleted using blade on green sheet.

(3) peon book movement of the file says the file has gone to the lower protocol official (LPO) within 2-3 days of written approval for my salary release by executive authority.
( 4) the lower protocol official is the witness of signing file note & now he is ready to give witness if required because he has retired

----------------- -------------------  -----------------------

Now if the above matter is understood Can I go to file  for an FIR against custodian of record COR  who tampered the file.

what is the legal advice for FIR because it is a quicker method of investigation rather than court.

if I will got court the custodian of records will destroy the file movement registers & peon books & would be re written.

Thank you sir for you kind cooperation & support.


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Mischevious Tampering of official note by an official
« on: August 07, 2015, 02:32:56 AM »


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