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Author Topic: Cheating Wife's Pre and Post Marriage Adultery activities  (Read 1852 times)

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Cheating Wife's Pre and Post Marriage Adultery activities
« on: August 07, 2015, 11:30:36 PM »
Dear all ,

I am in 7 months marriage relationship with a girl and recently I came to know about her past and post marriage adultery activities and am very much upset with the information.  When myself and her relatives  questioned her , she accepted her sins and assured me that she will continue with me and will not look at any other illicit relationships.  Her relatives prepare an undertaking on white paper on which both the girl , her mother and her relatives signed. That time she was 3 months pregnant. She is claiming i am father but i requested her to stop this pregnancy as i was not sure of her sanity. I asked her to confess the same in front of a legal bench that she will not cheat me in future. Initially she and her mother accepted that and went to their native place. After reaching their place, girl changed her version. She is asking me to come and settle in her place (Bhubaneshwar) at her house , leaving my current job (Hyderabad) and city.  She is also threatening me that if I do not agree for that she will not return to me neither she will give divorce to me. I am very much uncomfortable with this cheating wife who is threatening me to stay with her in her house like a slave.  Now she is pregnant and delivery will be in Dec 2015.  I have requested her to leave me and let me live my own life.  Yesterday her lawyer called me and asked me not to communicate with her till Jan 2016.  Her father is also in support of her to save his family reputation. He is trying to destroy evidences by trying to get back her facebook account which is the core evidence for all her activities.

I have the following proofs :

1. All her mother side relatives & Confessions given to them ( Conversations Recorded in her mobile )
2. The undertaking given on white paper signed by my wife ,her mother and witnesses.

3. Her facebook account which got hacked by some boy friend on 11th May 2015 and posted all her past ( 2 or 3 years) illicit conversations history  on her wall and tagged all people connected to her. 

4. The call record in which my wife accepted her sins and requested me to clean her account and bring it down ( deactivate )

5. I have started reading those messages and found that she enjoyed with many boys.

6. In conversations i found that She is Hindu and was in relationship with a Muslim for more than 7 years. She called him as Husband in many conversations with other friends.

7. She might have secretly married her boy friend but afraid of her Parents as they are particular about Religion (Hindu Brahmin).  She married me with due to the compulsion from parents but not revealed her past when i let her to take her own time before marriage. she was always projecting herself as very innocent. She already destroyed her 2 SIM cards which she used for Whatsapp ( a good evidence).

9. At the time of leaving to her native, She left her mobile ( Hyderabad number)  in my house which has her confession voice recordings.

How can i take things further to get rid of this cheat.  Where should i start . If i wait till she completes delivery then her boy friends or father may destroy evidences.

How to protect evidences and launch a cheating / threatening / adultery complaint on this girl.

Kindly suggest. I know this is a very unique  Cyber evidence involved case.

Thanks in anticipation.

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Re: Cheating Wife's Pre and Post Marriage Adultery activities
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2015, 12:31:41 PM »
I have gone through your statements where you have more electronic evidences than documentary evidence. The confession letter will be the most important and vital documents which will help you in bad times which is coming in future.

Before you get messed up in legal complications and cases, you need to file a GDE before local police station regarding her sins. You must enclose the xerox of confession letter. before filing the same you must check whether there is any date mention in the confession letter. You must mention the actual date when she  left the matrimonial house.

Before, they file a maintenance case, you must send her some amount of money vide MONEY ORDER leaving a notes for 'maintenance for the month of ........., 2015 (month)'. In the mean time you musk take a print of all the contents in facebook and/ or whatsapp.

Further you have to pay for the maintenance for your child in womb. When the child takes birth then you have to pay maintenance for her.

Anyway you cannot escape from this situation easily. You have to face and fight diligently and tactfully. Please consult with a good lawyer.

Amarnath Sanyal
Mob 09830303322

Amarnath Sanyal
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Mob - 09830303322

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