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Author Topic: Domestic violence clarification, Rights of woman and how to save marriage  (Read 1900 times)

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I am married (arranged) for the past eight months to an educated well earning husband. I am also well educated more than my husband and settled and earning well. I am living with my husband and mother in law who since the inception of my marriage are showing me their real colours.  They forcing me to follow their guru and ask me to do all the household work and if i refuse or can not i was threatened to leave that house. That has happened many a times for which i even have to call police as they were forcing me to go tomy mother'shouse. I was asked to give my earnings and savings  into my husband's account whichI refused totally. Since that time i am forced by their uncouth means to leave that hoouse and leave the marriage as well. I even stayed at my mother's place for two months hoping they will change their mind and will allow me to live with them without agreeing to give any money. but they did not take any initiative. I am trying to save my marriage as i do not want to give divorce to my husband since i know the sancity of marriage. With so much courage i started living again in my matrimonial house for the past two months but the conditions are even worse. I am totally abandoned , my husband doesnot even talk to me nor even sleeps with me. He sleeos with his mother and i am secluded in a separate room. Hardly anything is kept for me in kitchen to cook so i have to make my own arrangemenst for food as my husband since i am earning he has no liability for my food . I am not even allowed to talk to my husband as i think we are adults and can resolve issue, but my mother in law starts shouting at me and belittles me whenever i try to talk to my husband. She thretens me that she will not let this marriage to run as i am nut suitable for her son. she shouts at me on anything or evrything in avery derogatory manner. My husband has even thrashed me many times for which i called up police also but he escaped as they have contacts and even police officials advised me not to write any complaint as it will ruin my marriage. I am still trying to save it and know if i complain my husband will be behind bars as so much torture has been imposed upon me that i never imagined from an educated man. Please guide me on what are my rights and how can i save my marriage. My brother even went to have a talk with my husband but he just ignored him and i can not make him to beg infront of such greedy and mean people specially my mother in law. I want to move out with my husband even if i have to bear the expense of an accomodation to save my marriage. But he is not willing to do so. His constant ignorance towards me has tortured me mentally and his habit of sleeping with his mother ( who is separated from her husband for the past 15-20 years) makes me feel miserable and my life is made hell because of all nuisances at the hand of my mother in law. Please guide me how can i save my marriage as taking any legal help might break it but can i take legal help to save it. Can law force my husband to have a normal conjugal relation with me , i do not want anything except living a harmonious married life.. At times i do not trust my mother in law who makes my husband to sleep with her. Ami supposed to look after his mother who is ambulatory, m i also supposed to look after my husband even if i am working and he does not bother about me at all. can he file for divorce on these grounds that i am unable to do household work due to my professionwhich demands much time. I wont let them file for any divorce as they will try for an easy escape. If they do what evidence do i need to prove that they are demanding my salary and forcing me to follow their religious faith? And what rights do i have,can i ask for separate accomodation with my husband only as i beleive it will be easier for me to confront my husband in the absence of my mother in law.

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File for restitution of conjugal rights court will grant that in your favour.

If you ask me I see no future to this marriage.
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