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Author Topic: Employment, Human rights  (Read 2980 times)

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Employment, Human rights
« on: October 21, 2015, 07:55:44 AM »
Am the first barrister ever to sue a (London) Chambers (4 New Square (“R”) in 2008) for race discrimination, and since 2013, am the first person ever to sue sitting High Court judges, for racism, perjury and Contempt of Court!

A key issue concerns R and Mr Justice Stuart-Smith’s (“JSS”) 2009 evidence that he was “certainly” appointed Race / Equal Opportunities Officer (“EOO”) at my Chambers for many years before the 2008 claim, and in 2009 “formally” handed over this EOO role to Nick Davidson QC and Clare Dixon.

But he, Carr J, and each R lied - in fact he was never appointed EOO by any Member (nor known as EOO), and in 2011:

(a) Nick Davidson QC and Clare Dixon at my Chambers emailed me there was “no handover” to them, and they have “no recollection” Stuart-Smith was their predecessor as EOO, proving the perjury

(b) documents were disclosed that R had concealed key correspondence with the Bar Council in 2005 and 2006 reminding them it was a mandatory requirement to appoint a Member as “high priority”, and to inform them each year who it was.

Instead of ousting the racist clerks, R, Carr J and Stuart-Smith J, my Chambers unlawfully ousted me in 2013, and the Bar Council / white judges have taken no action against them or protected me, despite the 2008 ET finding:

(i) I had proved a prima facie case of race discrimination - my clerks (Dennis Peck (promoted), Dominic Sabini (invited to resign), Steve Purse (promoted at Crown Office Chambers) had "very troubling" and "abiding" racist attitudes, and there was a £multi-million disparity in earnings between my white male comparators and I

(ii) my Chambers breached the Bar Council's Equality Code for fair allocation of work

and the EAT President, Langstaff J giving me permission to appeal:

(iii) “The context was one in which the issue was one of harassment / detriment being caused to the Appellant by the continued presence in the clerks’ room of those whom she regarded as ill-disposed toward her on racial grounds. The argument (put briefly) was that the “guilty” clerks had to be removed or sufficiently disciplined by the Respondents to prevent that effect”.

(iv) See the audacity of dishonest JSS

"Your greed and dishonesty were matched only by your hypocrisy, your culpability is very high. You abused your position of power, trust and responsibility; you continued your fraudulent activity over a sustained period of time Your offences had a considerable impact on the victim"

But no judge (Slade J and Elias LJ) has addressed this issue of Langstaff J, or the ongoing fraud – they have since been forced to reveal relevant relationships with my Chambers and rogue Counsel, Richard Leiper (similar to Dame Butler-Sloss and Fiona Woolf humiliated into resigning from the child abuse inquiry last year (once their relevant relationships were exposed)).

Instead of abiding by their overriding duty to the administration of justice, R’s lawyers and white judges have abetted the unlawful conduct against me, and each of the judges who have found against me and ignored the fraud of R and their lawyers, since 2009, are at risk of serving very lengthy custodial sentences themselves.

In August 2015, the Court of Appeal has finally issued my application to re-open the 2008 ET claim!

I have formally applied to the QBD, for R, their rogue lawyers, and the unlawful judges who have found against me, to be committed to prison. I have been trying to privately prosecute them since March 2015, but the courts have neither issued nor responded, despite chase-ups.

Pls assist or advise. Will a specialist advise or represent me to a win please? Ground-breaking case, and huge profile. Biggest crisis and cover-up since the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal

Thank you

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Re: Employment, Human rights
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2016, 06:24:16 AM »
Since my previous post:

(1) In 2016, a leading FTSE Chair has stated that in light of the "demonstrable perjury" by judges against me, their colleagues at the UK judiciary have "conspired" against me. "It would seem likely to the lay
eye, resorting to perjury, to ensure that Aisha does not receive due justice or reasonable compensation. I have seen enough to feel very concerned about the culture of our judiciary. One of the brightest women of her generation, who happens to be Indian, would appear to have been given a very raw deal".

(2) Top employment Counsel has advised the Court that in light of the judges perjury on a "critical" issue, there is a real risk of breach of natural justice, and as I outlined in my Skeleton Argument, the court cannot be party to unlawful conduct and all the decisions against me are liable to be set aside.

(3) The police escalated the matter to Scotland Yard, but rogue DI Holt contacted the colleagues of the named suspects, ie judges, and thereafter the judges have commenced a campaign of conspiracy and torture against me

failing to recuse themselves and/or to admit their conflict of interest pre-hearing

destroying my 4 Bundles again and again pre-hearing

failing to address the fraud / perjury since cast-iron evidence came to light in 2011

failing to address Counsel's Advice at all and indeed destroying it pre-hearing

making unlawful / defamatory / costs Orders against me (instead of awarding me £compensation and committing R to prison)

failing to issue my applications

failing to set aside all decisions against me as since 2010 the court has been party to improper conduct

Acting in contempt of medical reports (not contested by R)

Defaming me

Insulting Lord Woolf who advised my v.bright Counsel and I in 2013, to make the 2 applications for preliminary issue / summary judgment, as he assessed my case as "devastatingly strong", and UNUM Limited made an offer to settle at £350,000 which Lord Woolf considered was "insultingly low"

Undermining my dignity and breach article 3, 6, 10, 14 etc


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Re: Employment, Human rights
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2016, 05:40:05 AM »
In summary

(1) UK's top judges & each R have committed perjury and racism!

(2) I made a police statement against them as a whistle-blower. The judges have then "conspired" to mentally torture me in breach of article 3 (in the biggest cover-up since the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal).

My case has been assessed by employment specialists as "Barring a biased judge am certain you will win" £33m". Karon Monaghan QC has described the racism at my Chambers at 4, New Square as "grossly racist and plainly unlawful" and the decision against me as "shocking" to those practising in Equality Law (Her article was removed from the internet, after 4, New Square threatened legal action on her / AWB).

Never before have:

(a) Court Bundles been destroyed pre-hearing again and again (including all the evidence in support of the perjury and concealment of key evidence)
(b) Judges been accused of perjury and racism (and not been suspended / ousted)
(c) Judges failed to address the key issues including their perjury, fraud, racism, and top Counsel's Advice in support (indeed they unlawfully destroyed it)
(c) Judges acted in contempt of medical reports, and in contempt of Lord Woolf (e.g. that my £multi-million claim was "devastatingly strong" and to make the 2 (cast-iron) applications I did in 2013 (for preliminary issue / summary judgment)
(d) Unlawful orders been made against a barrister for following legal advice (e.g. Lord Woolf's advice (to apply for preliminary issue / summary judgment i.e. only 2 applications in 2013, and none since)
(e) Courts failed to issue applications for months / years (including my QBD application for the committal to prison), despite admitting post-hearing

(i) Court Bundles were destroyed for the 3rd time in 2016 and I was not informed pre-hearing
(ii) LJ Sales has relevant relationships with some of the accused, which was concealed pre-hearing despite my express requests 
(iii) Slade J has relevant relationships with many of the accused, but continues to conceal her relationships with R's fellow Benchers of Middle Temple, and with R's Counsel, Richard Leiper
(iv) All the judges who have found against me are from the same Chambers as R's Counsel at (and each Judge has failed to address Langstaff J's clarification in granting me permission to appeal, namely to assess the detriment from having been clerked by "very troubling" racists at 4, New Square - Patrick Green QC described the detriment to me was "unarguable" and John Hendy QC as "obvious and inevitable")

(3) The law is if you commit perjury, you go straight to jail. No exceptions. Theresa May as UK's PM is accountable for the ongoing unlawful conduct, and I have also written to the London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, who is accountable for the ongoing failure of the police

Please expose and assist in the public interest - UK judges are corrupt, racist, dishonest, failing to grant me £multi-millions and each day committing further offences in Contempt of Court!

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