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Author Topic: Want Divorce...Please Suggest  (Read 1747 times)

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Want Divorce...Please Suggest
« on: December 18, 2015, 08:11:20 AM »
Hello, here i'm writing behalf of my family friend, 6 months back my friend got married and he have respiratory related health issues from childhood n he is taking treatment for that and he had one past relationship in college days, because of family issues he couldnít marry that girl and he came out of that relationship. after that he lost interest in relationships. So many times his parents forced him to get married, so finaly he agreed for marriage as per his parents wish. Their parents showed him a poor divorcee girl as it was not an issue for them that she is divorcee they wanted an educated girl thatís it and even my friend is also OK with it.  So after meeting that girl my friend shared his health issues, past relationship n all his personal things to her, that he is not interested in sexual life and he canít change his decision in this matter and he told her not to expect such things from him in future, as he wanted to be very clear from his side before marriage and he gave her time to think over it before taking further steps.. After knowing his background and decisions only she agreed for the marriage. he married without taking any dowry in fact, his parents only did that marriage without taking single rupee from that girlís family. After that things were going cool only but she started expecting more from him jus to take 1 chance 2 change him but he didnít change as he already told her his decision. And his parents are also very kind and innocent they took care of her of like their own daughter and they fulfilled her each and every wishes too, but In between she started chatting with some boys.. my friend caught her while chatting with one boy, my friend is very innocent kind guy he didnít say anything to her that time instead he sent one warning message to her wife that stop chatting with other boys as he donít like such things and even he informed to his mother-in-law that their daughter chatting with some other boy please advise her to stop here itself. Very next day his mother-in-law came to home and shouted on her own daughter to stop these things after that she promised that she wonít repeat such things, but she continued the same thing with another boy also. My friend got angry and continuously texted her that he want divorce and leave home and told her that i canít tolerate this cheat, you are irritating to me, we canít stay together and all. but that girl covered all her mistakes with fake statements and created daily new issues, arguments and shouting on him unnecessarily so my friend directly  said her to leave home now itself, When he went office without informing him she took his personal laptop which is protected with password and went to her mother home and opened that password, in that she saw college days pics  of my friend with his classmates (all pics are casual and friendly no any vulgar pics) and she copied those pictures and telling him that she will keep them as proof and we really donít understand what she is going to do with those pics, as those are very friendly, common photos and moreover he shared everything before marriage itself that he had 1 past relationship and he came out of that also. now she is not ready to give divorce to him instead she gave fake complaint against him that she want security but she didnít file any FIR she asked police to warn him. but the thing he never harassed her, he asked divorce and to leave home as he donít have trust on her that too in message. again next time she went to NGO and complained that my husband mentally harassing me that to leave home, they called my friend and suggested him to take her to home and try to solve this problem mutually and they said to come for counseling. my friend is very sensitive after these incidents mentally he depressed and not going for job also. Now she came to his home and not ready to give divorce as she is very much greedy about money n property and she is black mailing my friend that he have to stay with her else, she will give fake complaints on him and we donít have any proofs against her. Everywhere she is lying that my husband mentally harassing me and all but my friend and his family are very innocent people they are not getting how to solve this problem. Already they gave her so many chances to correct her mistakes but she is doing the same thing. Please suggest us, my friend need divorce from her and what all steps we have to take in this case if she gives any fake complaints on my friend

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Re: Want Divorce...Please Suggest
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2015, 06:52:53 AM »
first of all your friend is not a kid to say that he is been compelled by parents to marry here your friend had cheated the girl (according to her )and she is expected to react as you have told he has to either forget the past and live with her or he has to convince her to go for mutual consent divorce.
if he wants to protect himself from false complaints then he had to file an nc in the police station mentioning the fact that his wife might file false case on case if she files any complaint for cognizable offence on him he has to apply for anticipatory bail

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