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Author Topic: Client threatens to file a case against me but I am not an employee anymore  (Read 1323 times)

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Hello Sir/Madam

I along with few friends started a firm a year ago that was into web development in Kerala. I was designated as the CEO because of my experience in the field. However, the fellow team mates didnt understand the concept of business and they wanted the revenue to be shared immediately which was against my thoughts and vision. Hence my actions of saving money for company use such as marketing, advertising, client acquisition etc were considered as unwanted expense and I was thrown out of the company.
They have asked me to electronically accept their condition of me not being a part of the company anymore and I did that. Despite me spending some amount for the company from my pocket, I was asked to pay a sum of 10,000 INR as settlement. Since I wanted to settle things, I paid them and everything was over.

Few days back I got a call from a client of that company, who paid an advance sum when I was working in the startup. However, It seems the client didn't get what he wanted from the company and is unhappy. So he wants me to either reimburse the money or find a solution. I told him I am no longer a part of the company, but he wants me to contact the others and find a solution.

The client was aware of me being thrown out of the company as he had once called me up and asked what happened etc. He paid some money to the company after this as well. And now apparently, he blames its my responsibility to find him a solution.

Please note, the firm wasn't registered at the time when I was working with them. I still doubt its registered now. There is no trademark or anything legal to prove the existence of the company, The payment was apparently received in cash. 

My Questions:

1: First of all I need to be clear whether, I am legally liable to answer to his concerns?  Am I legally responsible to settle this?
 I have all the emails the company has wrote to me saying I am no longer a part of the company and their acceptance of my resignation.

2: The other thing is, I came to know, few key people of the company who brought this client to the company is now working for the client itself [The one who took the advance is also a part of the client's company], and right now I am running an institute and its going quite well. Recently my interview came in a newspaper as well and then suddenly I get this call. Can this be an intention to defame me?

3: What are the legal supports I an get for this matter?

4: What all could be the possible legal suits he can file against me?

Looking forward for you expert advice and thank you so much for your valuable time.


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you are not responsible for the acts done on behalf of the company than.

as you have resigned from the company.

the client did not have a contract with you but with the company.

hence you cannot be held liable.

the client has to file against the company not you.
Advocate Abdul
I am Muslim law Advisor

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