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Author Topic: i think my husband is impotent i need help with divorce!  (Read 1438 times)

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i think my husband is impotent i need help with divorce!
« on: February 06, 2016, 03:55:24 AM »
my husband is a doctor.we have been married since 1 year now.i knew my him for 1 year before wedding.he was a very shy and conscious person then.he is very conscious about his complexion,that he is dark and fat(although he is fit).he has been fat in his past but had reduced weight now.he never used to wear any other colour except for black.since we shopped together, i always encouraged him to try wearing different colours.and have been positive towards him.there were a lot of hygiene issues with him too,ie ive noticed in times that he doesn't wear and underwear and that he clean his tongue after he brushes his teeth.several times I've noticed him wearing dirty clothes to his work.which i mentioned to him and asked him to correct.   and after we got married i have noticed few changes in my husband since the time of our honeymoon which was 10 months ago.he was so shy to even change his clothes in front of me.which made me feel very uncomfortable.he used to get into the bathroom to change up.we have been on honeymoon for 15 days and never got physical !!not even once!! .he seemed totally disinterested. he never liked white coloured light in the room.he likes only yellow light.he doesn't like any kind of mirrors around the house.he doesn't like looking at himself in the mirror.he started drinking heavily and coming home late after work.We dont have a good physical relationship as well. since 1 year of our marriage,he succeeded to maintain his erection only twice.he said that he is unable to perform because of work stress sometimes.and sometimes its because of financial stress.and sometimes he is tired!!!! after a long wait and many fights...he suddenly started blaming me for his problems.that i am the reason behind him unable to perform.that i am very choosy and picky!!and i am very demanding and dominant!! i am thinking he has impotency issues.he is not interested in meeting any doctor on that issue. we had several discussions over this topic and he is reluctant to consult a after several attempts and discussions in the family.......he says that he is not going to make any changes in his life and want to live like he used to before....he wants me to accept him for who he is and not try to change him or force him into anything he does not like!!!! we have been living separately since 2 months.i am extremely devastated and heart broken right now....not understanding what to do.i see that my marriage is breaking and i need help.i want to know what is his problem and how can that be solved.if he is really impotent then can i seek divorce by mentioning all the points above???? i am not ready to take blame on what is not my fault.i have been very truthful and honest person and i am extremely hurt for what he has done to me. please help me with any suggestions.i will be thankful to receive any kind of help from this forum. thank you !
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Re: i think my husband is impotent i need help with divorce!
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2016, 09:58:46 AM »
It appears from your statements that there are differences in opinions, taste and preferences and living styles and others. It is better to go mutual divorce without throwing allegations to each other. If he is not  read y to give you the same then you have no other alternatives but to do all necessary legal steps indirectly against him so that he bound to give you divorce.

For further clarification and consultation in details you can contact me

Amarnath Sanyal
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Re: i think my husband is impotent i need help with divorce!
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2016, 02:52:03 AM »
madam ask your husband direct for divorce , do not go for any check up for this as this will take time. so ask him direct.

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