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Author Topic: No Construction as project on Hold not giving refund ("WAVE MEGA CITY CENTER PVT  (Read 1154 times)

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Respected Sir,
This is Mrs Khan need Justice/direction to resolve my issues with Wave city Project in Noida. I want to bring the cheating and fraud case done by Wave group to many Aam Adami.

We booked a Flat in  ( Wave/Edenia  on July 2014 to live their as per the wave organization commitment they told Edenia project will get complete on end of 2017.We have purchased this flat for our living there on 2017 end, we planned to shift there. When I have started taken a follow up on construction update then they told me there is some problem with the Edenia project. After one and half year past now, we are getting this type of update that project is on hold, Its really unethical. We have paid 17 lakh rupees to them and paying heavy Interest on same , because of this we are undergoing Mental torture and Money crisis as we need to pay monthly interest on same. We are putting hard earned money to buy house to live but such kind of builder's does not have any kind of botheration. Wave group and its employees have made fake promises and it is a criminal breach of trust, hurt and cheating and misappropriation of money for intentionally extortion the large amount of money for their building raise dirty business.
 We need our money refund in full plus 20% Interest Rate ( which they have imposed in case of any delay payment)

We are requesting to wave group for our money 17 lakhs+ to be return  back with 20% of interest that they have unethically used for other projects for last 1.5 years.

CCI has imposed major fines to DLF and on similar grounds Wave group should also be punished. If I would have delayed a payment then Wave group would have imposed interest and in all fairness thats what Wave should pay back to me.

That as this is the unfair trade practice, malpractice to appoint liar & mischievous Sale Representative like Rahul Maitre, Noida to do false promises & fraud to myself and trap my and my husband hard earned money in many years of work, into your large projects and thereafter Wave City Center sector 32 Noida. That this is not right and not ethical to fool the Aam aadmi and eat their hard earned money.

That the Wave City Center like builders today in every part have appoint many sale representative person on “huge commission basis” and the Sale representative person may lurking the other innocent person in their locality for selling the builder costlier flat with false promises, while the real buyer have not sufficient cash or money arrangement besides the full amount which the builder agreed to take on provisional form at the full completion of their project. After that the process of harassment, torment and extracting the full money in just one or two installments get started off and when the buyer shows reluctant to fulfill his unlawful demands in short span of time then the greedy builder would cancel his flat and return the partial money to the buyer and sell the same flat to the another person on high rate of current time so that from both sides the builder may get extraordinary benefit of huge sum of money. So I may requesting to all the person who may entrap in the builder projects or their Sale Representatives not to buy or think to buy till you have full arrangements of the money into your hands for up to waiting of five years till the project of that builder might get complete on time.

Now as this Email is I am writing to you to spread the all builder dirty mentality who day by day looting the enormous buyers or customers to get entrap into their running projects all running simultaneously on different locations with different entice names so that full unlawful monetary benefit from all the sides and corner of the city, location and state is achieved by the builder in short span of time. The Wave City Center like builders also not to disclose their identity and neither give their full names & personal mobile numbers and Email Address or living address to the buyer so that no agitation and protest by the customer and buyer may approach to their doors. The Wave city Center office Staff which builders appointed for the working of their offices also so much shrewd, sinner and liar that in getting their salary and job always get fixed to that builder, they provide wrong information to buyer and also help the builder sins to get help him for looting from customer or buyer.

I trust I am not the only one who is suffering from this pain and have complete faith in your administration to resolve the common man problem.

Regards and best wishes,
Mrs Khan


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