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Sir, In my sister case, village heads decided (on 25-03-2015)to take divorce from my sister's husband as he is alcoholic excessively and abusing my sister both physically and mentally late nights & early mornings (around 3-5 am) everyday due to alcoholic addiction and not taking care of my sister in any way. This decision taken place in Karimnagar (telangana) rural police station with help of CI. Two months time given to him for paying whatever we have given to him during marriage Ö.(village heads not done proper justice to me)
After two months he and his parents did not appear again and started escaping by changing their home and did not attend to police station. we searched their address finally and filed FIR in Warangal women police station (01-03-2016) and police brought his father to station. On the same day evening his relatives and a advocate came on his behalf. we told CI in advance if they come to compromise by paying what we have given it can be welcomed because we could not afford  to purse  court matters which may take many years. So with the help of CI, finally they said to pay on 15-03-2016 (15 days time)  and if not paid they said they will do land registration on 16-03-2016  which they have in their village  as a surity till 6 months for paying amount in next 6 months and agreed to pay bank interest for 6 months.
on 15-03-2016 they came evening around 21.30 hrs after CI and we left home after waiting for them for hours  in police station. Again after insistence of CI they came on 16-03-2016 around 18:00 hrs and said they will do land registration and they will not pay interest for 6 months and registration has to be done by our selves. More over they asked to sign mutually agreed divorce papers and said it will take around 6 months to get divorce meanwhile they will pay amount in 6 months and they said to write all these details on a notary. I suspected something  wrong and avoided writing notary on that day and said to do land registration first. Then they said they will think again and intimate back us which not happened for 2 days. Now CI is out of station till 31-03-2016. So i have to wait till that time. I have some doubts in this and please suggest me what to do.
1.Why i have to pay around Rs20000-30000  for registration of land as which is for  surity only and he did not said that he will return that amount when he is pays our due amount after 6 months. It is his inability to pay my amount on due date and why i have suffer more by paying registration amount for land which is only for surity.
2. why he should not pay bank interest till 6 months, if he takes loan in banks with land documents dont he pay interest?
3.After 6 months if he don't come to pay my due amount, land registration will be on our name.. If i go to sell that land in the village can they allow me as he has his uncles and relatives in his vilage? Iam not a resident of that village and I donít have any known persons there...If they send back customers by misleading them( who want to buy this land), what shoud i do? I want to write in notary to nominate 3 responsible persons from their side and 3 persons from my side along with their phone numbers who has to take responsibility for auction of this land on a suitable day after 6 months.4. why should I sign divorce papers now it self? I want to sign divorce papers after 6 months when land is sold by auction.
Please suggest me what to do as i cannot belive them even 1% more as they are cheating me everytime i give them chance and i want to write every detail in notary to be safe side till sale of land if dont pay.Thank you.

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Ignore all the tantrums played by other party who are intended to deceive you and buy time.
go straight for the land registration in your sister's name.
As such you are doing them a favour by not filing a domestic violence case or a dowry case. Be aggressive once the CI comes back on 31-03-2016.
Rajgopal Sripathi


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