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Author Topic: Please help I have been fraud in marriage  (Read 1350 times)

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Please help I have been fraud in marriage
« on: March 31, 2016, 01:50:54 PM »

After tilak ceremony nehaís family requested my family to see marriage venue in Varanasi and due to lack of time we had to go back to our home town in vapi due to work, but promised that they will be back from vapi to see the venue as per their request.
After man request to see venue of marriage my family decided to go to varansi to see the venue. Where they were shattered completely after seeing the venue  they have decided for marriage as it was out of the city and was dirty and not at all in good condition and was low category hotel and completely opposite of what they have commited. My parents where upset and were speechless after that they went back to my cousins place in aurihar (u.p.). after 2 days their family member mr. vinod singh and cousins came to meet my parents where they apologized for their mistake and assured that things will not happen like that and will happen as you will say and started searching hotel for marriage. They both decide hotel sarnath for marriage and found it good. After deciding hotel nehaís family was very upset with the change and  there were few bitterness in relationship due to change in venue. But after sometime they where completely fine with all arrangements.
After marriage venue and date was decided things started to tensed on me because our mediator mr. mithilesh was putting many allegation on me for e.g. I use to drink every night and Go to red light area and come home late night etc.
Nehaís family started to complain that abhishek donít use to talk to neha . on which my parents and cousins asked me if its true which was completely lie and in fact it was totally opposite and that she donít use to pick my call. After sometime her phone started to come switched off upon which I asked nehaís mom on which she replied her phone is not working and crashed upon which I decided to give here new cell phone and after gifting here new phone story was still the same and when asked she replied that she donít want to talk and explained that at last we are anyhow going to get married so why talking and I agreed to her point and give her space we stopped talking and texting on whats app which we use to alot.
After that nehaís mom said I am ghor mangalik and started to worry and said neha and abhishek are fighting frequently and abhishek need to do one pooja for mangalik dosh upon which my parents said that he is not mangalik and had showned it to many pundits and our pundits said that I am not mangalik but they denied and said abhishek need to do one mangalik pooja where I was supposed to marry with a tree. Where my parents said if ur pundit is saying it that I am manglik than only your pandit will do pooja and they performed pooja at one mandir in sampurnanad Sanskrit vishvavidhyala.
Engagement ceremony was done as per decided at the club in Varanasi and hotel room was given at hotel         . where no payments where made and ultimately we paid there for which we didnít made any issue but feel disappointed of their arrangements.
As only 3 days was left for marriage and there were no sign of nehaís families call and contact my parents started to worry and to confirm they went to our marriage venue to see whether everything is in order or not. And where they were shocked after hearing from hotel reception that they had just given sum of 50000 and after that have no sign of contact with hotel people upon which my parents called nehaís mom and they started to argue that why you are coming in between their arrangements and let them do as they want to do. After talking to hotel management we came to know that there is not a single room was booked and upon which they asked nehaís family and they replied they will not provide any room and asked us to do by our own . as their prior commitment was for 25 rooms for groom side which was decided very earlier which at last moment before 3days of marriage they disagreed. As our guest were on their way we had to book hotel rooms by our own at lst moment.
 m singh) neha moms elder brother () elder sister(vandana pal suryavanshi) and son in law(ankur pal suryavanshi) will come in month of September 2015. So we arranged hotel room for them in hotel princes park. They were very happy to meet me and our family and requested to come and see neha. So due to their request my family went to Varanasi to see them where they kept meeting at nehaís elder sister house in Varanasi. My family (mother and father) went there with my cousin sister and my sister in laws who live in uttarpradesh. They were heartily welcomed with full gratitude and respect. Mr. mithilesh was also present there and made few commitments in behalf of nehaís family about how they would like to do marriage and about their budget of 25-30 mithilesh also said about nehaís academic record that she is mba IN HR from sheat college.
My family liked neha and requested their family if abhishek can personally meet neha and both take their own decision about each other. They were very happy to here it and asked me to come and meet neha and that they donít have any problem with  meeting. After that my elder brother shashi my sister in law hsiang rajput and my niece aishi rajput went to Varanasi to see neha. They kept a meeting point at hotel rivatas for dinner where me and my family and their family with mr mithilesh were present at dinner where we both talked and exchanged mobiled number. than next morning again their whole family came to meet us because we had our flight back to Mumbai. Where mr. mithilesh told me that neha gave me 110% and liked me a lot. After some days of talking and chatting on whatsapp neha complained me of one guy irritating her on which I told her to ignore him and she changed her mobile no. and changed mobile no. 2 times. And after marriage I caught her talking to same person.
Just 4days was left in our marriage I went to pick Neha for a movie after finishing movie we went to parking where our car ford endeavor was and there where many other cars but she was pointing in other cars whether it's our car I found it very strange and asked why you doing this and she replied she have problem of forgetting things I was shocked. But I am sure that she was lieing about it but don't know why.
After that she stopped taking to me ti our marriage. I even tried and texted her many times in this 3 days prior to marriage and even on day of marriage but she didn't relied even single time.i told my friends who came to attend marriage and all where shocked but I don't had any thing to do. As my family guest and my guest where there so had to do as planned.

V-after marriage

The time my marriage got finish and we went back to our grand parents place and first thing I asked here that why she was not repliying my text and calls she replied I don't wanted to get married. I was shattered once more and at night she told that she is in periods and u can't sleep in my room I didn't said anything and after that from day of marriage I.e. From 4/3/2016 till this date she is in periods 1/4/2016 I don't know what to do. Me my parents all are in too much stress and worried about things. Please please help me. If u want money I will transfer in your a/c lawyer who can help me from this thing.

Please help me...


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Re: Please help I have been fraud in marriage
« Reply #1 on: April 28, 2016, 05:05:15 AM »
Dear Sir,

You may immediately file a annulment petition on the grounds of fraud against the girl if she is not interested in the marriage relation at all. There is no point in wasting the time and then thinking what to do in future.

Jai Bansal
Advocate, New Delhi
Supreme Court of India
jai bansal
Advocate, New Delhi
Supreme Court of India
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