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Author Topic: Advice needed on Unethical Practices By Internet Provider  (Read 1215 times)

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Advice needed on Unethical Practices By Internet Provider
« on: May 04, 2016, 03:06:02 AM »
Hi all,

Is it considered an Unfair Trade Practice under the Consumer Protection Act of an Internet Provider if one of their employees (assuming she was acting under the orders of her seniors) deceives us into believing her to be a lawyer and intimidating us with legal action forcing us to hastily make a payment which we were not willing to pay (We had called their customer service trying to cancel the connection months ago)? Is the company at fault in such a case?

Secondly, does the concept of Unfair Trade Practices also extend to unfavourable environments created by Customer Care Agents who either by direction from managers or gross incompetence are guilty of:
      - Being unwilling to entertain by phone Cancellation Requests for internet connections, either transferring your call and then hanging up, or telling you bluntly Cancellation Requests cannot even be done, or telling the customer only requests made while calling from the Registered Mobile Number are filed, among other excuses
                           - Additionally, when making official complaints, Agents would cut the phone before giving details of the Complaint ID
      - Again, either with malicious intent or by gross incompetence, misspelling crucial details within the User Account such as the Customer's Full Name & more importantly the Registered Email ID, which if left incorrect makes communication through online channels impossible, as their Customer Service Emails do not receive any emails except those of the Registed Email IDs
      - Requests were sent via text to correct the RMN (which was fixed), but the Registered Email ID was not honoured
      - Registered Email ID was only corrected yesterday, on the 3rd of May 2016 after another attempt made via RMN to correct it


I am a student in Delhi and have had some issues with Tikona Digital Networks Ltd, regarding payment of alleged outstanding dues. As simply as I can put it, on the 2nd of May my roommates and I received a call from a woman claiming to be a lawyer (we later cross checked the number on TrueCaller's phone database and found the number listed as 'Prem Tikona', seemingly an employee of the company) threatening us with legal action, fines, and even jail time (!) over non-payment of outstanding dues.

From our side, after facing close to 3 weeks of no internet service (Nov 27th onwards), as the Service Tower in our neighbourhood was either offline or had been removed, we had tried to apply for cancellation (December 15th) but neither our complaints nor requests were registered. We had not used a single byte of data following our connection disruption and finally removed our connection manually. We felt that after making numerous requests by phone which were neither honoured nor even entertained by Customer Service, our final option was to ultimately stop paying bills for the service.

Going back to incident 2 days ago, we were threatened by the lawyer to pay bill amounts for the months of December and January, that of which we had not even used, or face legal action with consequences to the effect of blacklisting of bank accounts and phone numbers, fine upto 1.3 lakh, and jail of upto 6 months. Upon our request to speak to whoever had given her the legal notice, we were put on the line with a Mr Sanjay, from the Billings Dept, he was uninterested in our side and adamant that legal action be sought.

While we humbly admit to utter naivete and error in judgment to finally giving in and making the payment, albeit under duress, it is only after the incident that out of curiosity we decided to search the internet of similar incidents. To our horror we found various forums, groups and pages, all detailing similar instances of Tikona's strong-arming, uncooperative Customer Service, unwillingness to cancel connections, and disputes over billing for services even after cancellation requests were made. A simple search on google or through the Facebook page 'Tikona Fraud' can easily attest to this. It is at this point we decided to cross check both numbers, which were registered to Tikona employees, which heightened our shock. While we were satisfied with the outcome of our experience and content to lick our wounds, it seemed clear that for all of our issues to be so common across the country, it is increasingly unlikely that so many of their employees can be guilty of negligence or incompetence, and more likely that there exists some detail of unethical practices and direction coming from the company itself. Our mistakes and carelessness acknowledged, for so many customers to be wrong seems suspicious and it is for this reason that we wish to at the very least file a Petition at the Consumer Courts against Tikona Digital Networks, in the interest of collective justice and conscience.


In terms of evidence we have with us:
) Records of all previous Bills & Payments, made on time
) Recods of all previous Data Usage history, completely unused beyond Nov 27 2015
) Online Transaction ID of the payment made under duress a few days ago
) Call Logs of calls made from said numbers (but no recorded phone calls)
) Snapshots of TrueCaller IDs showing said numbers registered under Tikona Digital Networks
) Signed FIR with most of the same details, registered at Sabzi Mandi Police Station
) Online screenshots of testimonials of other Tikona users who have faced similar instances of either
             - Customer Service Agents unwilling to effect a Cancellation Request, and/or hanging up before registering complaints
             - Calls made by supposed lawyers threatening legal action for non-payment of contested outstanding dues

Regrettably, we do not have
) Records of Registered Complaints or Complaint IDs made to Tikona from their end by phone or email
             - Upon the correction of Registered Email we promptly sent them an elaborate complaint and a request for cancellation, to avoid further billing, and atleast the email can provide documented intimation of cancellation, even though it is months late
) Any recorded phone calls made to the employee passing herself as a lawyer and deceiving us, leaving us with little proof that such fraud was done, except for our personal testimonials and similar incidents detailed by other customers
             - Upon request, the numerous calls made to Customer Care during the period of service disruption can be obtained by our Phone Service Providers if need be. They can at the very least show that we were making calls to Tikona to fix service, and later cancel to corroborate with our statements

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Re: Advice needed on Unethical Practices By Internet Provider
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2016, 10:39:52 PM »
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