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Author Topic: horrible inlaws  (Read 994 times)

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horrible inlaws
« on: June 29, 2016, 05:25:36 PM »
Hi there,

I got married almost 2 years back in India (I live abroad) . The second day of my marriage, my mother-in-laws tells me that I don't mean anything in this household, her daughter (my sis-in-law) and her sisters are the one who are the most important and actual members of the household. I was surprised. I kept quite thinking I am staying here for few days and then I will be gone.
Slowly, I realized that they were taking control of all the money I had that my parents gave me and my relatives gave me. My sister-in and mother-in took all the money from me. I again kept quite.
One day, my brother-in-law comes to my husband asking him for money for settle the expenses for the wedding.. which included even the electricity and household food expenses and expenses for the clothes that my in-laws wrote in the wedding. I was taken aback. That's how I learnt my husband paid for everything. I kept quite again.
It was Friday, my sis-in, mother-in n brother-in with 2 other relatives came to me saying that they want me to leave all the jewelry back in India coz i might lose it abroad, it will be safe in a locker. Since next day was sat n sun, they said they will keep it on locker on Monday, as I was flying on sunday night. I am very fond of jwelery so I had a lot of them since I collected a lot while I was working. I was forced to give it to them.

After 2 months my mother-in-law n sister-in-law started calling me for sending them monthly expenses.
I asked my husband about the deal. He told me that he just had some 5 lakh rupees which is nothing in pounds. Thats all he had when he brought me to rented house which didnt have anything. 
I was shocked. He told me that he brought a house in India on his father name, he paid for everything, paid for his wedding, brought a car for his parents and also gave money to construct his grandfather house. So , he didn't have money left.
I explained the same to his parents, I was shocked by the reaction. My sister-in-law started to call me and abuse me and threatened to kill me if I don't send money. On the other hand, my mother-in told me that I didn't get enough dowry so whatever his son earns I have no rights on it.
They started to mentally torcher me and one day, I broke my slience, I told them to return me all the jewelry. And to no surprise, 'I was told WHICH GOLD. I DIDNT GIVE THEM ANY', I DONT HAVE ANY PROOF TO PROVE IT.
On the other hand, when my husband told them that he wants his property back. They told him which property, property is on his dad name and he cannot do anything..
They have me calling my husband to torcher me since I am not in India, my parents will give enough money to them to make sure their daughter is safe. My husband does not listen to them hence they have refused to give back his property.
He has the proof that he sent money to his sister account however the house is on his father name.
I do not have any proof that they took my jewellery and cash.
Please suggest what we can do.. They have 3 properties.. one of them was constructed by my husband and other was brought my husband and the third one is his grandfather. From the two properties my husband made, my inlaws get 20,000 rupees rent, which they r not ready to give us as well .
My sister-in-law is 32, he is not willing to get married, however has a boyfriend with whom as she goes enjoying her life. 
Here, we are struggling to live our daily life without any help. I cannot work since i don't hve the permit to work. I am very stressed about my future and what my in-laws are doing to me. Please suggest a way out.

After a month of my marriage my brother-in-law started asking for money as he sitting at home doing nothing in the name of studying since past 2 years. He told my husband that he has to settle expenses for our marriage.

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Re: horrible inlaws
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2016, 10:25:57 PM »
Dear Ma'am,

If your husband has the evidences that he sent the money for the purpose of the property in the name of his father. in such case he may file a suit for declaration declaring himself as owner of the said property which was purchased from his funds.

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