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Author Topic: Neighbours harassment  (Read 1198 times)

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Neighbours harassment
« on: July 15, 2016, 08:47:27 AM »
Neighbours are harassing us from 11 years , there are two families who are harassing, one is Gujarati family and one Maharashtran family.
They throw our clothes and cut them off; and if we keep dustbin out they break it and spread kachra on floor. Like that we lost many clothes and chappals also. Whenever they made a tiff and fought with us I always said that I will reach police and I am not going to let this happen to us. Ours is the last house on 3rd floor, so we have to pass from their house whenever we used to leave they commented badly and threatened us for life and ( Gujarati lady used to say "me tum logo ko thikane lagadungi tum logon ko yaha se ghar bhej k baag na padega aisa karungi" ) They stare us badly; and whenever we leave/go out, these people come behind us and stalked us commented and stared and laughed at us. My Dad was paralysed they used to make filthy comments and laugh everytime. When My Dad passed away they made a comment saying ( Gujarati lady said Dabba fut gaya abhi maja aya shanti mili tujhe to Maharashtrian lady and she replied back saying abi thak mujhe shanti nahi mili mann kar raha hai keech keech maru usko ). We lost our Dad and we were getting comments like this. These family abuse us badly.

And now recently, mere sister ko saturday (2nd July 2016) office jathe waqt dhakka deke giraya Gujarati lady k bethi ne and on sunday i came up to third floor and she was coming from the passage she was starting badly and was not allowing me to pass. Then I stopped at one place, let her go but she was starring uppar se niche and said tujhe teri family ko acha karenge ham and by then one aunty came she started lying that i did it all and said ham jaghda karthe hai then i said tum tumhari mummy mitha mitha bolke sabh ka jaghda lagathe ho abi mere saath b aise kar rahi ho aur kal mere sister ko kyun giraya she started ayyy tu chup bhaith aur jyada bolatho lagaungi then i said tumlogo hame jyada pareshan kar rahe ho tumlog maroge to ham chup bhaithenge kya aise bolke i left but she was standing there and starring me leave.

Then on the same night her daughter came along with mother and brother, started hitting my entire family. Pulled our hair and hit us on neck, she pulled my golden chain which is broken now and half portion of it is not found only and chain is in worst condition broken everywhere. Unka bhai unko maro maroo me dekh lunga kar k bol raha tha. People saw this incident but nobody came forward and helped us. In fact Gujarati family went to police station and complained that we did this all to police. But we called on 103 and waited for police as we did not know where was the police station. Then one inspector came and asked us to be present in the police station on the next morning.

There they lied that we did this all and in the meanwhile her brother called people in our building I dont know what he mentioned with them but people were coming to my house and asked my sister to not to complaint about her brother nahi tho acha nahi hoga.

I do not know what will happen next I cant leave my family and go for job also. Even if I go I am concerned and think all the time that what would be happening at my place. My mother keeps ill she has got different ailments because of this harassment she has got low BP problem as well. Recently she underwent major surgery for fibrioids and uterus and Being the older daughter entire family responsibility is on me my sister and brother are younger and they are terrified now. I also does not keep well most of the time and becuase of stress, low imunity and we visited doctor for breathing problem he stated it is because of stress. We always lived here in fear. But now my entire familiy is terrified. We have no backup.

We tried selling this house but they are not making it happen.
I dont know what to do. Police is also not at all supportive.

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