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Author Topic: Nagging hubby  (Read 798 times)

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Nagging hubby
« on: July 17, 2016, 09:25:00 PM »
I got married 2 years back. It was very difficult to live with him.

He does not have patience at all, he lied to his mom that I asked his bank balance, he lies to her often my twisting truth, etc etc

His sis and mom very well know abt his nature. Since his sis wants her mom to always be with her (to avoid her mom-in-law) to look after her new born baby boy, i believe they planned that if they get him married then his mom will be free to go to her daughter.

he very easily scolds my parents. When i told him not to talk this way, he said i am talkative. he always gets angry without a reason and then says watever he speaks come only out of his mouth and his mind does not have such thots. his mom also says same thing abt him.

i had miscarriage and then DNC, severe hip pain. he asked me to go and look after his sister's baby since she has got a job and no one else was there to look after the baby. She left the baby in daycare and he fell sick.

I told him, i was not in a position to help right now. and i felt sorry for the baby. but instead everyday, morning and night, and wenever possible he kept asking me repeatedly if i can go and look after his sister's baby.

his sister had 3 months rest after her DNC, but it was only 3 weeks after the DNC , he started asking me to go and look after his sister's baby. how is this fair?

he said he did not want his sister to lose her job oppurtunity and when ia sked him what about me, he ignored me and walked off. he never has any answer wen i cross question him.

he uses rash words and his mom says watever he says i shud keep quiet.

i left him feeling insecure and living apart for 1 year.

shud i live apart forever so that he does not get the freedom to spoil another girl's life or shud i get a divorece and move on?? I dont trust his family anymore.

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Re: Nagging hubby
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2016, 03:19:15 AM »
Dear Ma'am,

there is no point in spoiling your life further if marriage is not working out. Forget about others, just think about your valuable life which god has given you and what all you can do with your amazing life. Rather than continuing the said dead relation till eternity and feeling sad and painful about what happened with you.

Please file for divorce and move on in your life. You may get married or may not get married again but life has to move on. Its a small life but very precious one.

jai bansal
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Supreme Court of India
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