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Author Topic: Medical Negligence about a critically ill Patient  (Read 1548 times)

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Medical Negligence about a critically ill Patient
« on: August 28, 2016, 12:12:09 AM »
My dad, who turned 68 this year, underwent angioplasty in 2011 and also had duodenal ulcer and liver Cirrhosis and was diagnosed with HCC in Feb-2015 and was operated chemotherapy with Doppler. We got him diagnosed again after a month as per directed by Consultant. They said Chemo is working well and no need to worry for at least a year. He never showed any symptoms of illness like tiredness, giddiness and his appetite was normal too for a year. So the family went ahead and fixed my marriage in May-2016. After a year, we got him diagnosed again with CT scan in March-2016 during routine checkup done on every quarter. The consultant concluded without looking into the reports which were due next day, that he is doing well and no need to worry.  So as planned we went ahead with the marriage. But on April-12-2016 he vomited liters of blood at home and we had to rush him to the hospital and got him admitted. He underwent number of tests again and was told he was recovering. Since the quantum of blood lost was huge, he was exhausted and drained to the core. He could hardly walk and speak and also was unable to stand during the first 10 days with the help of support/attendees. But later he started to walk on his own on 12-13th day in hospital. We were all ecstatic and regained hope that seeing his recovery.
To get the second opinion, we requested the hospital authority to provide us the previous reports along with the latest ones, during which we got to know the cancer had already re-occurred and was evident in the latest test reports, which he underwent a month before his hospitalization . Since the doctors knew the patient’s history and was treating him from years hence we trusted them , so did not cross verify nor crosschecked the reports.
He was given bilirubin and plasma during his treatment. The HOD of the Medicine who was in charge of him went on leave for 3\4 days where in, the duty doctors maintained status quo of the treatment.  The medicines which were working previously stopped having any progress and his conditions started deteriorating and water which used to drained out started accumulating in his stomach and hence its girth and weight started increasing and made him bed ridden completely. Mean while, he underwent tests twice to check for re-occurrence of tumor which was very evident in the previous month reports. When the tests reports came positive, they started giving medicines for lesion for couple of days which in turn rose a component of the blood beyond its level and had to be stopped.
When the HOD resumed the work, after looking into the reports manually intervened with his system and took out liquid out of his system which they were refraining to do when the stomach girth was increasing exponentially during the doctors leave period. The doctor even suggested that if you want him to witness your marriage, get it arranged on April 30 which we did on May 2. They even said on the same day that you will not be able to give him quantity of life but can give him quality of life. Therefore we got him discharged on the same day and got him to the native. He was with us for couple of days and expired on 6-May-2016 morning.
My parents are this doctor’s regular patients since 2008 and hence very well aware of their physical and mental conditions. They even knew that my Mom is very much emotionally attached with the family and is under medication since 2011 for depression. My parents were very much religious towards their health checkup and used to visit the consultant at least once in quarter or as directed.
The above highlighted points prove negligence behavior of none other than HOD of the medicine department which I have noted below again for your reference.
•   Concluding the health to be normal without looking into the reports which clearly stated the old tumor has reoccurred as well as couple of new lesion has arisen. How can anyone conclude without looking into the reports?
•   Maintaining status quo during the critical phase  of treatment. They kept convincing us that conventional method of treatment is the only way instead treating aggressively.
If we knew the lesions had reoccurred in March itself, we could have at least deferred the most evident stuff by taking him to the hospital well in advance or could have taken doctor’s advice for any precautions.  Since my wedding was planned and was 2 months away, both the families would have been well equipped to face the situation and at least would have completed marriage in a proper way. Since dad’s ill health hit both the family all of sudden, both the families were \is under tremendous stress which could have been avoided.
Please suggest on how to go about this case? Whether the medical negligence case stand against the hospital. Can we claim hospital authority and the medical advisor/doctors as guilty?
Whether to approach court or look out for out of court settlement? If we go for out of court settlement, how can we bring about the change in the attitude of the doctor where in they conclude without looking into the reports?
If we are claiming compensation for this unprofessional attitude, what shall be the quantum of it and in what all ways we can claim for compensation.

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Re: Medical Negligence about a critically ill Patient
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2016, 09:35:46 AM »
For medical negligence, you can claim compensation against the hospital and/or treating doctors for any "medical negligence" in Consumer Forum. However, cases of medical negligence are tough and the complainant needs to prove what wrong treatment was done. In medical negligence, the onus to prove negligence is heavy on the complainant unlike other negligence.
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Re: Medical Negligence about a critically ill Patient
« Reply #2 on: December 13, 2016, 12:38:58 PM »
If you have good case, then you must seek consumer forum help.

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