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Author Topic: NEED HELP !!  (Read 637 times)

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« on: October 27, 2016, 01:56:02 PM »
I am facing the worst time of my life since I got married. I have few specific question and want to know my rights and how to go about it.
Based in Delhi. Got married in 2008 - love but properly arranged.

1. My husband and inlaws demanded Dowry right 2 days before marriage and my parents were forced to give seeing the situation. All these years I was abused about not bringing enough dowry and my inlaws keeps threaten me to remarry my husband. My husband is aware of everything that I am writing here but he never said a single word to his parents.
2. My husband used my money before marriage for 2 years , which includes buying Bike, international Phone bills and other expenses.
3. He didnt give a penny for household stuff for 2 years. and after that just paid for few bills. I had no other choice other than to spend my money for everything.
4. He is running a call center today and earning a hugh amount per month. The time he forced me out, he suddenly started transferring me 30k, when he was not giving 1000 Rs at home for years. Now, I was told by my husband that my inlaws and he has decided since beginning for divorce and were tying to find my fault.
5. He wouldn't let me meet anyone from my family and wont let them call ir see me. He didn't let me attend my brothers marriage.
6. He abused and beat me and blamed me for cheap stuff. He didn't let me do job and when I did, he came down to the cheapest level verbally and would call me in the office saying he is not well and would cry with tears on phone.
7. He spends and just supports his family, according to him I am not his family and I have no right to anything in the house or on him.
8. I worked hard for the company he is running today and one day I found and was shocked to see the company was on his and his father's name.
9. He forced me to change the nominee in all my policies which I had brought before marriage , which I didn't do. but he threatened to kill himself and I had to close my oldest bank account.
10. His family calls me dark skin color and has always threaten me to murder my parents and me.
11. In Sep 2015, My husband has forced me to leave the house saying that I belong from a different caste and that he will never have a child with me.
12. My inlaws insults my parents and me and portraits a sober image in front of their relatives.
13. He says that his mother and sisters have done some black magic on me, which I never believed until my mother in law specifically asked me to do something which I didn't do. I Later found it was meant for me not to be able to conceive ever. it was when my husband was aware all this time about this incident and he never did anything. Rather he answered that they all were trying to benefit my husband. He feels pound that his family is on his side.
14. He never shared anything with me. he never took a single call from his parents infront of me in all these years. I hated this kind of environment but he rather blames me for things and never give a clear answer.
15. He has never bought any health insurance and when I fell ill he wouldn't take me to the doctor and now that I have to see doctors it taking a hugh amount of money. He says he wants to see me begging on roads.
16. He had not let me speak a word for months and the day I moved out, I had issues with my speech. Its been over a year that I am in this state of mind and health that I can take this forward.
17.  I also have few other things which I cannot share on this forum.
18. The mental and physical torture has gave me had forced me to end my life. But I have overcome that phase of my life now and has decided to go legal.

These are just few things of what happened in 7 years. I need real help. Please ..
My questions are:-

1. Currently I am going to CAW cell but people there have no time to listen and understand the depth of the case. I have given a written complaint about my marital issues only but yet no one has ever said a single word to him or his family. My husband hardly come and I go there everytime but nothing happens.

2. Can I get more maintenance amount as the per month expense is over the amount what he is giving.  Also as he is earning 8-10 lakhs (not sure) and he is just giving me 30k specially when I had helped for years to start his company.

3. Can I file a case against the reasons my inlaws and husband gave me about being from a different caste and dark skin. (ashamed to have married this man)

4. What should I do except lodging a complaint(which I haven't done thinking something may turn right). His family and he threatens to murder me and specially my family.

5. Reading my issues , please suggest what all cases I can file

6. I am living separately from him since more than a year.  If I decide to get mutual divorce do I need to complete period of 6 months staying with him?

7. and if I get mutual divorce, Can I still file the financial and company related case?

8. What all I am liable to get from him.

Sorry for this big post. Please try to answers all my question.

Many thanks

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Pre litigation Mediation
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2016, 04:06:58 AM »
there is something called Pre litigation Mediation, this is available in Delhi High Court.
First file out there, this will get your hubby to the mediation table, first understand what they can do and what you can get out of this ordeal.

once you know your position accordingly approach court.

Just filing anything blindly leads to horrible court experiences with matter dragging endlessly.

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