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Author Topic: Need HELP to come out of arranged marriage  (Read 132 times)

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Need HELP to come out of arranged marriage
« on: November 09, 2016, 04:08:07 AM »
Having a general query. I got engaged/married in JULY this year, under family/parents pressure, have had disliked/opposed it, this can be comprehended in marriage photos/videos, I am never seen at peace. But my parents and girls parents/relatives didn't avert this marriage and it happened at Bhopal, one of worst thing in my life. Parents told me family is well-known and her parents/family is very nice, genuine people etc.

Problem is that girl and her father is mentally unstable, even her college-going brother committed suicide, that we come to know now. Her father sent me many dirty sms in AUGUST that all I have saved and girl has spoken to me badly twice. Whenever she talks to me, I feel very much irritating. She is MBA educated from some C grade college but living her life at home, eats ice-cream, chicken, watches TV and sleeps. This is her routine. However, I wanted intellectual wife, who would be good-communication and compassionate towards me. I am purely vegetarian and never ate egg as well in life.

This marriage is never consummated, we both are not able to compromise any agreement and we both are almost willing to end this bond. Girl is totally influenced by parents and blindly does whatever they say. It won't be possible to live together under same roof.

Now mentioned above all is the condition, wants to know, is it possible to solve this problem out of court  agreement or by easy court procedure. Personally, I never appreciate Indian constitutional laws, when marriage is a social procedure and not a legal procedure, then why anyone is obliged to law. Only Indian constitutional laws puts nice people into problems and even sometimes turns nice people into criminals.

July and August, her father threatened that he can penalize me and my entire family under dowry section of IPC. Now November, yesterday her daughter called and said that she may claim for half of whatever I had earned/own and half of all my future monthly salary earnings.

Her father has talked (phone) to me only twice, once after engagement and once after marriage and her mother has talked (phone) only once on my birthday. I have call-time/duration of their phone calls in my postpaid phone logs. Also having whatsapp chat logs of the girl.

+ When I argued, strange that they are non-communicative, my parents clarified her father is really gentleman and don't want to engage talks with children, only fixes things with elders. His son has recently fallen and died from terrace, so is he less talkative. Later we found it was a suicide case.
+ When I argued, she is non-veg, my and her parents clarified, she agreed/promised for a vegetarian food habits.
+ When I argued, girl isn't qualified/professional as I aspired, my parents clarified she would manage household dedicatedly. Later we found she is lazy and clumsy.
+ When I argued (after engagement 1-7-2016), I don't want marriage (9-7-2016), all of them asserted that cards are distributed, relatives are invited, it would be gross evil, disreputable and family-shame to cancel the wedding functions.

Overall they all (includes my parents) collectively scapegoated me and finally I have to painfully stand up for my rights. That's why this post.  :'(

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Re: Need HELP to come out of arranged marriage
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2016, 12:29:41 AM »
Congratulations for being an educated Victim.

If you want to end your marriage file a contested divorce.
Adv.Misthi Mukherjee
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Re: Need HELP to come out of arranged marriage
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2016, 05:07:23 AM »
Waiting for their further action, decision and actual intent, then I will definitely contact you. More detail about my situation, I have posted at lawyersclubindia, and looking for assistance from good people who can get me out of the problem. Marriage is unconsummated, for this I'm having whatsapp logs and sms, if that can be of any use. It is not registered in court yet.

What would be rough estimate for timeline and will it be really possible to come out of this problem?


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