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Author Topic: Please help urgent!  (Read 1394 times)

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Please help urgent!
« on: February 01, 2017, 08:59:03 AM »
I got married one year back. At the time of marriage i had told my wife and in laws that i am working in a XYZ company and will be coming out of it soon to do my own projects.Actually i was not working in XYZ company and i said lies to get married.I had taken 3 lakhs from my wife before marriage to lease out the house but later returned it when she fought and asked me to give her back. Now the house is leased in my money completely.  After marriage i could not get any projects so stayed back at home. My wife and in laws came to know the fact that i did not work in the company before marriage and started humiliating me calling me fraud. During this course even i did mistakes by hitting my wife which resulted in her arm to get fractured. she even attempted suicide. One day i had a  fight with her and she called the police and registered an FIR 498(A).She accused me of killing her which is false but yes i have hit her many times.Since i did not get bail i approached my in laws and wife and asked them to forgive me and compromise and promised them that i would henceforth do a job and take care of her. My father in law asked me to give in writing stating here after i will not indulge in violence and i wrote and gave. Further more my in laws asked me to shave my head in a temple and seek forgiveness although too humiliating i did that also. Later my wife and i approached high court and she submitted affidavit stating we would like to compromise and live together and hence would agree to quash the FIR. Subsequently FIR was quashed and judge in order stated in case i desert or repeat same offense the FIR will be revoked and on that condition the FIR is quashed. I messaged my wife to return home and she came back and started livng with me. In between again she started taunting me saying i am jobless and useless. In order to get over this, i told lies that i got a job and started going out everyday on the pretext of office.She kept asking me my company name and i did not tell her. She got angry for this and started a huge fight and threatened to re open the FIR. I am short tempered and i hit her twice again and she has a mark on her due to this. She too started beating me.She gets over angry and starts throwing things at home. one day when i was outside she called me and started fighting i told her that i would not come home because of her torture for which she threatened to commit suicide and sent me a video too where she is taking some 10 tablets and telling that i am responsible for her death.I got worried and rushed home but nothing had happened to her.Last week she found out that i had no job and there was no office also and started a huge fight i got upset and snatched the house key from her and sent her to her parents house. After she went there i have stopped contacting her because i dont need her in my life. Including her parents everyone call me fraud and fake person.So i dont want to live with her family. In the meantime ,on whatsapp she contacted me asking to take her back home and i replied that i would take her only if she bought her own flat. I asked her to get the money from her parents and give it to me and i will get her a flat so that she can live there but she refused. Now i asked her not to come back because i want to divorce her, she started fighting with me on whatsapp and threatened to reopen the FIR and said she will not waste money for divorce again. She is willing to give me divorce only if i give her the marriage expenses.I denied it because i had asked for a temple marriage and it was her family who wanted a grand marriage.Now my question is

1. My job details sent over mail to her father was wrong. Can they file a case on me ?
2. Can she re open/ revoke the FIR .What is the consequence of it ? Will they issue a arrest warrant against me?
3. I have sent her out of the house and currently i am absconding not living in the same house because i am afraid she can get police any time. What should i do?
4. How can i get divorce from her? i dont need her in my life. I dont want to give her any money.
5. Can i use that video which she sent to me to save my self?to prove she threatened me ?
6. She has whatsapp messages where i asked her to money for flat and give it to me. will that prove my intentions wrong?
7. Can they use my written letter given to her father to prove i did violence earlier?

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Re: Please help urgent!
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 12:51:07 AM »
Dear Sir,

Under your situation, your conduct and act from the very beginning of the marriage. its strongly advisable to pay her the marriage expenses and settle the matter. Prima facie based on the facts narrated by you, there is nothing which may be favouring you if you decide to contest the cases in the court of law.

jai bansal
Advocate, New Delhi
Supreme Court of India
mobile: 09868566649

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Re: Please help urgent!
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2017, 02:38:23 AM »
this is contesting matters, so proceed slowly

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Re: Please help urgent!
« Reply #2 on: March 09, 2017, 02:38:23 AM »


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