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Author Topic: My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me  (Read 1163 times)

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My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me
« on: March 10, 2017, 10:49:38 AM »
My name is Shamim and I am 45 yrs old. My wife name is Nazia and she is 36yrs old. I got married in Jan 2015 and it was an arranged marriage. I didnít knew the girl, neither did she knew me. I only met her twice before marriage at her place for a precise time of 5-10mins.

After marriage my wife right from very first day on a regular basis picked up a quarrel with me, out of nothing she used to fight, she even had differences with my parents and other family member. We are a joint family and I have two younger brothers both married. My parents never complained to me about my wife only thinking that things might go out of proportion, my parents wanted me to be happy as I got married after so many yrs. Every single day she had something or the other to complain and fight with me and my parents. She threatened me of suicide very often and she did all sorts of suicidal behavior. 

On April 2015 my parents separated us from the joint family. I thought this will settle down things but even this didnít help her. Into a month of separation she fought with my parents in big proportion and me. I decided to move out of house, I rented a small flat, it was the month of Aug 2015.
When we left home we took all our belongings, every small thing. All the jewellery that she got from both sides I took and left it with my in-laws as I didnít felt it safe to keep all the assets at rented place.   

Moving out to a new place things in the beginning was good, but within a month her behavior was again same fighting quarrelling all the time.  One evening she picked up a quarrel and she left home and she was wandering in the streets, Me with a help of one of my friend located her brought her back home. She again left home after few months and this time she stayed with her parents for 3 months. When I talked to her parents they accused me for everything. Ultimately after three months her parents with a help of their family lawyer settled things. That time I told them that she is definitely having some mental problems, but her parents ignored my saying and instead accused me.

Nazia always lied, manipulated things, she couldnít control her anger, she was always suicidal. During these three months she was not with me I consulted a MD Psychiatrist and told the doctor about her signs, the doctor said she is probably suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder. The doctor said he only diagnose after talking to Nazia.
I told her parents about the disorder and they didnít pay heed to it instead they blamed me. I asked Nazia to come with me to Doctor but she refused.

Anyway we were once again saying together. Again after a month, one morning she fought with me and I left for office when I came home from office I found my flat locked. I called her up she told me that she is with her parents, she refused to give back me the keys of the flat and her parents also refused instead of repeated requst. For 10 days I was in a single set of clothes, I had no option but to go back to my parents home. On 11th day after settlement she came back to me. I again hoping for things would be better took her back. We were staying together fighting quarrelling all the time.

On June 2016 she got seriously ill upon hospitalization it was discovered she had ectopic pregnancy, she got operated. Post operation she was with her parents for 3 months. Naziaís parents blamed me that I had kicked her and thatís why she had to go under surgery. By all this time I was fed up of things and all the accusations. Anyway our contract for the flat ended after 11 months and I didnít renew it thinking that staying away from home didnít help either. During her three months of post operative bed rest she used to come and stay with me during weekends. My mom took care of her. She finally came to stay with me from Oct 1st 2016 and it only lasted till the end of the month, she again fought with me and left me on 30th Oct 2016. Today its March 2017 more than 4 months she is not with me and there has been no effort from her parents side to send her back to me. Naziaís parents in these four months never spoke to me. Yes Nazia called me sometimes but accused me for everything.

I firmly believe Naziaís parents knew everything about their daughter and they played the offensive game of blaming everything on me from the beginning so that they could save their face from society. They took a chance by getting Nazia married thinking she might overcome all her problems but that didnít happen.

All these 2yrs I have gone through tremendous mental pressure, pain, depression. I had always loved her and kept her very close to heart and even after so many troubles I took her back. This time its different.  I feel cheated & robbed, once when we got married Naziaís parents concealed (kept it secret) the fact that she had mental problems and now her parents and Nazia denying the fact that I had given them to keep all the jewellery that my parents and relatives gave her on marriage. They refuse to give me back all the assets.

They instead are threatening me of case 498A and what not. 

I seriously seek legal help and can I file a cheating case against them?

Please help.
Shamim Ahmed #9748448268       

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Re: My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me
« Reply #1 on: March 12, 2017, 09:52:52 AM »
No answers or sugestions  :(

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Re: My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me
« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2017, 10:43:20 AM »
My parents in laws knew their daughter had mental issues (borderline) and they got her married to me. I was was unaware of this fact. Later on she took all the jewellery my parents and relatives gave us during marriage to her parents place and not coming back to stay with me. She denies that she took the jewellery. My parent in laws have always accused me and threatening me now with 498a case. I feel cheated from all sides. What should i do now?   

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Re: My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me
« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2017, 07:57:14 PM »
If you are guessing that your wife is suffering from mental disorder then you have to get a medical certificate from doctor regarding same. You should have filed such case within 6 months of marriage..
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Re: My In-laws Cheated and Robbed me
« Reply #4 on: March 22, 2017, 10:43:08 AM »
Thanks for writing back. Thank you.

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