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Author Topic: Sexual Harassment, Mental & Physical Torture  (Read 523 times)

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Sexual Harassment, Mental & Physical Torture
« on: April 05, 2017, 08:47:41 AM »
                           I, Shah Hiral Darshan, a student of Amity University Rajasthan. My mother's name is Sapna Manish Kothari and Step-father's name is Manish Jairam Kothari. My real father's name is Darshan Kiran Shah. My mother is a divorcee and she got re-married in 2008 on January 28. Then we got shifted to goa where my step-father lived. There my step-father tried to molest me by sleeping on my leg, tried to kiss my forehead. He used that come sit beside me as I am your father. In present too, he tries to keep his hands on my shoulder. Even if I get away he tries again. I told my mother several times that I don't like these things yet she did not take any actions against him. When my mother got re-married my step-sister (Shrutika Manish Kothari) lived with her grandmother. whenever we used to go there to meet no one ever paid any attention to me whether i have eaten food or not. They did not care for me. After sometime we shifted to Ahmedabad where I was mentally tortured. Once I got poor marks in a demo test in my 12th grade, my mom picked me up from the IIT coaching and took me to the chemistry tuition. The whole way she beat me on my legs. After I reached there she slapped me in front of 40 students and she did not get patient on being told by my teacher too. After coming back from there she took me to the room and beat me with slippers a lot. In fact, my hand was burnt too with the help of pressure cooker. I always used to be in depression there. On making any mistake my mother would run behind me with a knife. Before coming to Amity university I was forced a lot to live there but anyhow I fought with them and came here to study. In fact, my fee was also paid after making me cry a lot. If I would have been in my classes or in the washroom and could not pick up the call my mother would say that you roam here and there and can't live without boys. I was forced to drink alcohol during goa trip in October by my father even I tried to resist but forcibly he made me drink. During December that is winter breaks, when I went there my name was changed forcefully from Hiral Darshan Shah to Hiral Manish Kothari. I have not been legally adopted. Then they asked me to come for making my Aadhar card so that can include me in a company and take a loan and if anything happens I will have to pay the loan. During February they threatened me by the name of police and called me to Ahmedabad. When I went there I was tortured and asked to give a false statement against my friend Harsh Bothra. They called at his home and I was forced to say that he harassed me. They also said that you have to say that Harsh demands for engagement. That whole day my phone was with them. Then after coming back too, they did not stop. They kept on calling me and threatening me to get my id card done for their company purpose. I feared going there and I did not go there after that. They threatened me of withdrawing my admission from the University always. They complained to my wardens that I don't talk to them on call. When my wardens called me they came to know that I had a talk that evening itself with them. They threatened me of not paying the fees too. I said that you parcel me my documents and pay the fees for my and I'll return you once I start earning but they said that when we wanted your Aadhar card you did not turn up so we won't be getting done your Aadhar card and will also not handle you your documents. After my wardens got to know everything they supported me. But within two days they called in Academics to my mentor and told him that my daughter is missing. When sir searched me and I was found in my class itself and wardens too said that she was in the hostel. Then they came here in my University and discussed with higher authorities and we were asked to sit and solve out the matter. But as soon as we sat to talk my mother gave me three options:
1) I have to take admission in Ahmedabad then only they will pay my fees if they want.
2) We will withdraw your admission, not pay your fees and you have to take re-admission on your own.
3) If you want to live in the present University itself then get your friend Harsh Bothra out of the University.
                             The next day they again came to the University and tried to take me away but My University itself said that if she doesn't want to go she won't come till she completes her first year here. I gave the undertaking there in front of my mentor. Then they were sent away. they were continuously asking contact details of Harsh Bothra's Parents but authorities refused to give as he was not a culprit but has helped me throughout all this keeping his good career aside. Afterward again in front of my hostel, they threatened me by police complaints and sending me behind the Bars. When they left the university, somehow they found harsh's father's contact and tried to torture them by saying to Lodge police complaint against him and his family. They Totally took Harsh in between whereas there is no involvement of Harsh Bothra. Today morning they called me and said that "you have time till evening to take you decision. We have already talked to the lawyer and we will take three days to get papers done. Then we will surrender and we go to jail or not we will put you and your friend behind the bars. in fact, your lie detector test will also be done and your physicality test will also be done. We will get the written statements from people in Ahmedabad. Also, we will spoil the name of Amity." In spite of asking many times, I was never told anything about my real father.  In fact, they have also got my out-pass banned from University so that I can't take any actions.

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