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« on: May 27, 2017, 09:55:03 AM »
HELLO SIR two and half years ago I accidentally trespassed into a house in an INEBRIATED state. It was an accident and they were independent houses and all the houses look exactly the same. since I was drunk the people in the house, who were bachelors, thought i was an intruder and started beating me up until my friends came and intervened. everything was calm and cool but i lost my temper and i went against the inhabitants of the house for beating me (i just shouted at them and i asked them to lodge a police complaint ; yeah, i know, it is my stupidity) so they lodged a complaint with the police. the police took me to the police station and scolded me for being so irresponsible. after that i don't know what happened the inhabitants wrote something on a paper and i was asked to pay a fine of 1500 in the court by the police. i was sent after spending around 1 hr in the police station due to all the formalities.

 the very next day i went to the court myself and paid the fine. the police there assured me that it was a petty case and nothing to worry at all.

currently am not working and am preparing for government competitive exams and the incident happened in chennai and now i live in hyderabad. The police station which took me in was also not the place i used to live while i was in chennai and it doesn't come under our jurisdiction but I remember in the court giving my Driving license and the constable there, I think, noted down my previous house's address(we stayed here till 2012 and the incident happened in 2014 and we have shifted to hyderabad in 2015).

sir my question is I don't know if there was an FIR and i dont knw want sections were slapped against me..but let us assume there was one, so If I were to get selected in a government job or any other job for that matter,

1.)will this case jeopardize my career and my life? will i be treated as a criminal equivalent to a person who is sent to jail??? am hardly able to concentrate on my preparation.. do i need to mention this anywhere?

2.)Just taking by police and spending time in the police station amounts to arrest?do u think i was given a police station bail? But i haven't paid any money to them

3.)why didn't I have any trial?

  and this is what happened in the court..i paid the fine in the morning itself but i forced to wait till evening just like that;and someone in civil clothes came, me and a few other ppl were made to stand in line..tht person saw us from his room and asked us to go thats all...i didnt stand in any square box or faced any judge...i don't knw if thts how the courts work in tamilnadu..but thr was no trial

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