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Author Topic: notice sent by wife for divorce on mutual consent  (Read 698 times)

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notice sent by wife for divorce on mutual consent
« on: June 01, 2017, 11:53:09 PM »
Dear Lawyers,

We both are classmates, loved each other and married in 2010. My wife is government employee and i am working in private company. Like every other couple we had small misunderstandings and small fights that i never though are big and forget it. Three months ago we had small fight and she left the house and went to her parents house. I literally begging her to come back from all these 3 months but she never listen to me. Now she sent a notice for divorce on mutual consent and telling all silly reasons and fights we had starting form our marriage time which I don't even remember. She mentioned all false information for the sake of divorce.

Main reasons mentioned :

1. She mentioned mostly in all points that she didn't loved me, I emotionally blackmailed her and forced to agree for marriage. This is not true, all our classmates know it we loved each other and she is not a kid to force, in that case how come she left her parents and came and marry me.

2. She mentioned My parents asked her salary and abused her for not getting dowry. This is not true, they never asked for dowry, they knew it was a love marriage and they spent about 10 lakhs for our marriage as their parents not agreed initially and didn't involved in our marriage

3. I suspected her and went to her office for checking and called her during working hours. this is not true if I have suspicious mind I would have done it by hiding, why would I go in car and waited for her to pick up in front of the office. And calling wife is also she thinks of harassing, I don't know what to say

4. All these 3 months I am going to her house and asking her to comeback, that also she was interpreting as I am harassing her.

I want to convey you that, she completely misunderstanding and taking seriously in different way all the common things that happen in a middle class family. We don't have kids yet, went for IVF, my wife has some problem even we never blamed her and i took the blame on me in society perspective.

I compromised a lot in my career and personal life for her to make her happy and she didn't remember any of those. I rejected my company relocation offer with double the salary only for her as she is permanent government employee in our hometown. I left my parents and came out with her to live separately for her comfort. Her parents also not trying to convince her but supporting her. What I did wrong here is nothing, I don't drink and smoke. I never beaten her and I never used wrong words. For small small things she and her parents reacting too much. Now i become homeless, they asked me to go out of her flat and I came out and staying in my parents home.

I heard all our laws are more women friendly. Please advise me how to respond to the notice. I don't want to agree all the false allegations she made on me and my parents.

Thanks so much


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Re: notice sent by wife for divorce on mutual consent
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2017, 06:46:01 PM »
Mutual divorce means both parties file a joint petition for divorce.

It has to be mutually agreeable to both.

Ignore this meaningless notice, its not binding on you.

You file for pre litigation mediation in high court.
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