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Author Topic: Threat from my wife and In-Laws  (Read 792 times)

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Threat from my wife and In-Laws
« on: July 09, 2017, 04:10:15 AM »
Dear Experts.

I would request to seek your advice on following situation. I am married since 6 years and blessed with a son. When i got married in 2010 my wife just stayed with my parents for 3 days in a 1 bedroom apartment after which she was not able to adjust and she started staying with her parents.. They Started putting pressure on me and my old age parents to sell off her property and take 50 percent share with all their threats and arm twisting tactics... We had to finally give in since me and my parents didn't have the energy to flight court cases and finally the house was sold and I have a separate house of our own with my mothers name as first name, mine second and my wife's name as last... The money was fully contributed by my mother and a part amount from me with zero contribution from my wife's side except for the furniture... My wife is from a posh locality from Bandra and we are in Central suburbs...  Now my wife wants me to remove my mothers name from the house..failing which she shall file for a divorce and make me and my parents homeless thru her Sister in Laws so called hifi contacts and even my sister in law Has Joined in Hurling Threats... Her family consist of 4 people her Granny, her Mother who is a divorcee way back in 1986, Her young sister and Herself. I did background checks and things seemed to be fine... but little did we expect things would take a nasty turn. My mother in spite of being alive sold the house so that me and my wife would live happily, We also added her name to make her feel secure, but now it looks like their greed sees no end... I am in Saudi right now and i fear of loosing my job and Gratuity. She accuses me or ruining her life by concealing facts where as my profile was an open book. She says all sorts of nasty things on me and my family so as to provoke my anger... but i am maintain my cool since i know that this is to invite my reaction which will give her a chance to file cases... I have recorded her phone conversations and saved . But I am scared to show to my parents since my mother is a diabetic and father is a cardiac patient. my only worry is she should not do anything to the house....

My mother has gone out of the way to help us to have a separate house of our own so that my wife , myself and child can live peaceful life and to avoid any Clashes. Shes is just put her name again due to taxation issues and to assure my wife of Security in GOOD faith which. My mother already has a house which was bought from Sale proceed of previous house. The one which i am Talking about is second house which is in our three names. It was a big Mistake accepting the demand i Admit now. I have never ever lied about my job, Income and financial Status. I didn't tell them that i am a Sheikh of Saudi owning 100 palaces, Few dozen Oil wells and Billions of petro dollars... Everything was an Open book. They came and saw the house, My salary certificate, my visa status and they agreed for relationship. Yesterday I had a conversation with her and She accuses me of passing all info to my parents and ruining her and Daughters Life which is False. She calls me a Psychopath, Puppet of Parents. She has again threatened me to change my approach else face split followed by extinction of my family. She is also asking for Monetary compensation for So called Ruining her Life..and Threatened to Seal the properties Two New houses which was bought from Sale of previous house...  Right Now i am just Indulging in conversation trying to record all her conversation which i have Succeeded.  THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS ISSUE AND I MAY REQUIRE FURTHER HELP IF NEEDED. I AM A STRANGER TO ALL OF YOU ALL BUT ITS IS A CLANS EXISTENCE WHICH IS AT STAKE. I have been Sitting Quiet all this while but now, I am going to expose them and their evil intentions..

I am in a very serious situation and i would seek any expert advise....

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Re: Threat from my wife and In-Laws
« Reply #1 on: July 10, 2017, 12:49:26 AM »
what is the end result you want?
if u like my posting plz submit your comments

Hi, I am advocate Uma Saika, from Assam


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Re: Threat from my wife and In-Laws
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 02:14:25 AM »
It Could be Two Either Divorce or Put them behind bars...

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Re: Threat from my wife and In-Laws
« Reply #2 on: July 10, 2017, 02:14:25 AM »


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