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Author Topic: Legal options for an NRI Husband  (Read 793 times)

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Legal options for an NRI Husband
« on: March 23, 2018, 06:01:08 PM »
Dear All,
While the MEA has strict guidelines to help women under abuse by the NRI husband.
There seems to be no strict guidebook released by the MEA, for the NRI Husbands who are at the receiving end.

I am living abroad with my wife. My wife has threatened me with:
1. Suicide
2. Divorce
3. Police complaint
I am not worried about myself, but am worried about my ageing parents, living alone in my home town.
She recorded conversations between me and her the other day. I noticed her doing that and carried with the conversation, aware that she is recording it. In order to set the record straight, I narrated whatever mis-incidences which happened and how she kept misunderstanding every small thing and brought the condition to its dire state.

Monthly Money

Apart from this I kept sending money to her home every month, to support her mother, as I promised until her brother or she gets a job. I have so far sent 10000 USD in past 10 months to her home account.
I kept the bank remittance slips in a folder, pertaining to these , she stole it from my desk. Later, I found out where she had hidden it and took a picture along with the bio-page of her passport next to those stolen bank remittances.

Abused my parents

She kept on abusing my parents in my presence and in their absence. She found out that I sent 1500 USD once to my joint account in India, which is with my father. She said, your parents only want your money as you are not their blood, but, rather an adopted child. You should be ashamed of yourself for spending money on them, all they want is your property.
I simply refused to sleep with her and separated my bed, next day she threatened to divorce, then suicide and then police complaint, when the first two threats didnt work.
She forced me to have sex with her by threatening to file legal cases. I felt raped, I cried for the first time since high school, I am 37 years old now. There are other abuses, I have been sustaining for past 13 months, since I got married.
Since the time we got married she was never interested in helping me with household chores. She wants to travel , but she gets angry at me, because, she cant wake up and cant keep up with times. She has been constantly gaining weight due to her inactivity. We literally make a perfect 10. i.e. my body shape like a "1" and she looks like a big round "0" ;)

My question is, should I go and inform the embassy about her tendencies and take a consolidated document and send it to my parents in India, so that they can submit it to the local SHO ?

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Legal options for an NRI Husband
« on: March 23, 2018, 06:01:08 PM »


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