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Author Topic: Denied boarding - Document check  (Read 793 times)

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Denied boarding - Document check
« on: August 31, 2017, 06:52:36 AM »
I was supposed to fly from Mumbai to Amsterdam, but because of the denied boarding I couldn’t reach my final destination as planned.

Few days back I did a Europe tour from India. So, I can apply for a visa from the country which is either my first port of entry in this case Netherlands or the longest stay which in this case Poland and therefore, I had applied for my visa from Poland embassy.

Now following is what happened with me.

1. My flight was from Mumbai, India to Amsterdam, Netherlands via Istanbul with Turkish Airlines
2. I travelled from Mumbai to Istanbul (no problem here).
3. When I was boarding to flight Istanbul to Netherlands, airlines officials (the ones who checks the boarding pass before boarding the flight) told me that I could not board the flight because my visa was issued by Poland and I need to go to Poland first. They were denying the longest stay option of the visa.
Moreover NONE of the staff of Istanbul airport were able to understand English so I had to go to a lot of problems before I managed to get tickets to Poland and that too with the help of some official through Poland ticketing office, which is beyond Istanbul passport office. The only direct flight available is through polish airways for that day and not with any other airlines.
4. I somehow managed to fly to Poland from Istanbul after lot of struggle at Istanbul airport (without food and water).
5. I did not received my luggage at the Poland airport and had to spent whole night at the Warsaw airport and took a flight to Amsterdam from Warsaw airport next morning.
6. I got my luggage after almost three days of my flight from India at the Amsterdam airport.

I have emailed the airlines and they have refused to compensate.

What should I do in this case? I think it was unjustified to deny boarding. Any advice really appreciated

Thanks a lot for any advice.

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Re: Denied boarding - Document check
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2017, 06:03:35 PM »
hi deepak, I just wanted to point out that you were denied boarding in Istanbul and it would be appropriate try legal action over there -maybe use an online lawyer? U should also write to the embassy over there and see if they can assist. It seems to me that this would fall under the laws in force at Istanbul.
You should also reach out to the Indian community over there -maybe there is an association? Another option is to use a law firm with offices here and there.
if your travel agency is good, they may have offices there and could work something out
I feel sorry for what you had to endure but I think you will have to take it up there since the people involved would belong to a legel entity over there.
My two cents :D

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Re: Denied boarding - Document check
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2017, 06:03:35 PM »


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