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Author Topic: I was charged with IPC sec. 509, 506 and 504. Please help.  (Read 1186 times)

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I was charged with IPC sec. 509, 506 and 504. Please help.
« on: October 29, 2017, 01:10:33 AM »
Hello... My name is Clyde and I am from Mumbai. Sorry to be in such a hurry but its urgent.

I was booked under sections 509, 504 and 506 on 6th Sep, 2017. The reason I was booked for starts here.. Please read the post..

After going through the above you will know I was harassed by the girl first on FB after which I blocked her and then once she realized she couldn't message me there she took to my Instagram account and started blurting out obscenities senseless. I blocked her there too. Next day I get a message from her sister again with the same type of language. Images attached here.  and

Once I had put up their superb conversation on FB I get a call from their supposed brother who abuses me and threatens me for my life if I didn't take it down. I blocked his calls cause all he did was abused and didn't speak any sense so he then started messaging me. Pics attached here..  and

So on 5th Sep this girl her mother and her coward boyfriend go to the Andheri police station and complaint against me. I got a call from the inspector but couldn't make it that day so I went on 6th with my dad. The 3 of them were there. I was taken into custody along with my mobile phone. I was released next morning on bail but not through court it was directly from the police station. My dad stood as zaamin for Rs. 5000. The inspector then told me to go to my area's police station which is Juhu police station and file an NC against the girl stating she abused me online and give him a copy. So I did. You can see the NC here.

After that he said it would take at least a month to get my phone back and he told my dad that he would try to put pressure on the complainant now through the NC to make them take back the case and settle the matter out of the court. He also advised my dad to not get a lawyer for now. My phone was taken along with the sim card which is weird to me.

On 25th Oct I received a call from Mr. Shivaji from the Andheri police station saying I need to come pick up a letter in my name from the ACP. I did. Letter pics here.  and

I was told to get a female guarantor from who's my neighbor and who would be willing to guarantee that I wouldn't do any such thing in the future. I did. Me, my dad and the guarantor were made to sing a bond in the ACP's office.

Now as far as the case goes the inspector says he's still awaiting the other party to come speak to him to withdraw the case. He even advised me and my dad to try and contact the girl, her mother and her boyfriend bu unfortunately I don't have any way of contacting them anymore. The boy who used to be my friend had blocked me from facebook and everyelse and changed his number. And the girl, I never had any contact with her whatsoever to begin with. I told the inspector this and he said he'll try to contact them in a couple of days. He also says my phone had gone for "chemical analysis" and has not returned yet.

Can anyone please advise me on weather this inspector is trying to trick me into going to jail? Is he really on my side the way he behaves like he is? Also why is it taking so long for me to get my phone back? I also want to know what effect will this have on me applying for a VISA in the future if I decide to go abroad?

PS: This is my first time ever dealing with the law. Neither me nor my family has any knowledge when it comes to such things. All the conversation pics you see here were submitted by me as proof on 6th Sep before they took me in. Also I was never given a copy of the FIR, neither did we ask for it till date.

If you have any questions about the matter in order to advise please feel free to ask.

Thank you for your time.

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