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Author Topic: Mental harassment from Previous Employer(Demanding huge money)  (Read 1036 times)

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Mental harassment from Previous Employer(Demanding huge money)
« on: November 07, 2017, 12:47:52 PM »
Hi All,

Hope all well !! before asking for the resolution I wanted to bring all your kind attention towards the background of the reason for joining with my previous employer and how they are harassing now after putting down my paper.
I have been seating idle for near about four months for some personal problem after a work experience of 6 years. On 17th November 2017 I got an offer from a small company (Max 40 employees of company) and they have released me an offer within a few minutes post my interview and asked me to join in very next day (i.e. 18th November 2017) as they have some urgent requirement and they also tried to trap me easily as I was also desperate for a job.

 I didn’t know about the policy of the company, but I knowingly agreed with two conditions: -

1.   1 year of service agreement/contract which I have signed on the day one.
2.   Have to submit any of 2 original educational documents which I have submitted.
After joining with the company, I got to know about the policy of the company and that to not even from the HR but from the colleague working around. There was no such policy as such, I would say the employer was treating the employee not as an employee but as a slave. They have been trying to trap employee so that once the employee joined they do not get chance to move out.

 The worst policy was: -
•   If any employee does not able to complete 8 hours in any day even logged for 7 hours 59 minutes that has been marked as half day
•   If anybody taking any unapproved/urgent leave, three days salary for the month has been deducted.
•   There is no leave on the eve of National Holiday,

Apart from these many policies has been framed to harass the employee. I have tried a lot, but I did not able to cope up with the environment hence I have resigned from the organization within 10 days only. Then had a discussion with the VP, he has been agreed to release me. at the same time agreed to return my original documents back on my last day but asked me to be there at least for 2 weeks with the organization to help the team which I have agreed. I knew there was no written communication hence I drafted few important points we have discussed and asked the HR/VP for the confirmation. As of date I never received any written communication. I left company on 14th November 2017 but neither I received my F&F nor my documents. Now they have sent a F&F letter stating that I owe around 2.5 Lacs to the company (2 Lacs for the service agreement+50,000 for the negative salary). The negative salary is for I have 2 unapproved leave for which they have deducted 6 days of salary.

It’s been very frustrating for me now. Would be great if anybody can help me out of it please. I am fine to go with Legal because i wanted to teach them a lesson. 

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Re: Mental harassment from Previous Employer(Demanding huge money)
« Reply #1 on: December 21, 2017, 12:37:11 AM »
It's a very good content. I read a lot of good knowledge.

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