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Author Topic: Is this correct of the employer  (Read 789 times)

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Is this correct of the employer
« on: December 03, 2017, 11:45:36 PM »
Dear Sirs, Please do read through my post below and guide me in resolving the issue I am facing with my employer.

I have been working for 10 months for the company. The company is working on building a software product that is a copy/improvement of product already in market. While joining the company said they need 3 months to check capabilities for which they would pay minimal salary. I agreed. The software was still under development. When I joined I realized all the people working on the product were interns. I contributed a lot during the three months, worked day and night, Saturdays and Sundays, and helped push the product to beta launch. The company did revise my payment to an average pay but continued paying the same amount promising an arrears payment would be made. The arrears was made 3 months later after a lot of pressure by continued requests. Then I had to keep begging for salary account and after another 2  months salary account was given but no payslips or appointment letter or offer letter. The company also kept hiring and using only interns on the majority part. The ratio of employee to intern would be 1:3 and at times during placement times it would jump to 1:5.

The company started following leaves and attendance policy from the month they opened the salary accounts. I was working at any time required to help solve a problem. Considering my efforts the company offered me no loss of pay on leaves taken. This was a verbal statement but the company kept its word and did not deduct loss of pay for my leaves taken.

After 3 months, the vision of the company started to change, the product was still under development and had a dead line which was enough pressure to digest. But now they wanted to form culture and follow new things. I agreed those would be beneficial but were they required now because we were facing enough pressure to complete the product within deadline to hit market. So from there the companies vision started to diverge and I did not find it satisfying, I had a lot of issues I was facing and I wanted to list it down talk it out with the company and sort it out so we can proceed with a peace of mind. I acted out of emotion and took a half day leave without information to the company to do this. At mid-day I received messages stating my accounts to the company have been blocked (my email, my repo access, server access etc). So the decision was on my plate, the company has decided to be done with me. I went and met the company post-lunch and I felt this was the most lame excuse to fire me but it was done, I was fired for having taken half a day leave without notice. I said I wanted to leave as well and came to a conclusion of its a mutual resignation.

Up to date I have not received any documents from the company like my relieveing letter, payslips etc.
Also only a partial salary has been sent. When request for the remaining  I was said that the leaves taken for the past three months have been deducted.
I have logged into my income tax account and noticed the TDS has not been paid into my PAN as well.

There is another thing I would like to being to notice, the company was deduction 15% from my monthly salary, 10% performance bonus and 5% retention bonus. I inquired about the 5% retention bonus and looked for its definition and realized this is not fair because retention bonus is something to retain a key employee during critical times of the company. Also, this 5% would be paid at the end of year and if I were to resign in the course of the next year I would have to return this amount. I did have a discussion with the company and the company again verbally said they would not ask me for this amount, as they know the efforts I have input to the company to help launch the product.

I have been asking for the documents for the past two weeks with no positive results. Please guide me on how I can move further to save my career.

Thank You

EDIT: by company I mean the employer (Owner)

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Re: Is this correct of the employer
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2017, 09:14:14 AM »
Any purposeful opinion can be formed only after examination of your offer/appointment letter abd the correspondence exchanged between you and the company.
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