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Author Topic: Cheating by Showroom  (Read 965 times)

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Cheating by Showroom
« on: January 02, 2018, 04:13:56 AM »
I bought bed sheets,pillows & other things from a reputed Indian branded showroom(Donít know whether can name it or no) worth 7,000₹.
Somehow while checking the bed sheets,i found that theyíve no seal nor authenticity of the brand.

I emailed the customer support,they replied that all items are with authenticity with full hologram & tags.

When i phoned the shop,they casually remarked that 50:50 items have such,which is obviously false.

Weíve been sold fake items under disguise.

I want to teach the showroom a lesson.
Whatís my next procedure?

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Re: Cheating by Showroom
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2018, 07:48:32 AM »

Dear Sir,
If you really wish him to reach him a lesson then collect all possible evidence, then issue legal notice and then follow the following rules: You will get real justice in Consumer Forum: Rest assured.

Rule 1: Donít be lazy
Act now!  Register your complaint immediately. Usually a product breaks down just one day before when the warranty expires!
Rule 2: Get a complaint number
Always get a complaint number and note it at a safe place. Youíll only make a fool of yourself by calling the service centers and company executives unnecessarily if you donít have one. Since no one will remember your complaint after one goes to oneís home!
Rule3: Talk with the right person
Always raise your complaint with the right person who will most probably be the all India customer care executive at some toll free number. Wait for what he/she says, understand the issue, ask for a complaint number, note down the resolution date and wait patiently till the resolution date. When you escalate your complaint, you see that you talk with the right senior person who has authority.
Remember in big companies all this is required for proper maintenance of consumer complaints, so you should cooperate the company with itís proper channel for raising & resolution of your complaint.
Rule 4: Never be rude with company personnel
Never be rude with any company executive. You can be rude and talk anything with the service center executive since the service centers are simply on contract and are not rolls of the company. Threaten the company but in ďdecent wayĒ!
Rule 5: Follow the rules normally
Always do your duty, whatever be your complaints for example even if youíve been billed wrongly pay the dues on time but at the same time follow up with your company. This is considered good etiquette. If you donít do this, you not only break their "Terms of Service" but also project yourself as unruly person reducing your chances of winning complaint in your favor. Remember youíre only single person fighting against a possibly very big company.
Moreover in a big company, however good, complaints do occur and some customers always faces hassles. It is not necessary that company had done it against you intentionally.
Rule 6: Keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure
If you ever escalate your complaint always keep in mind the time frame and legal procedure. For example in case of telecom complaints never send a complaint to the nodal officer without first registering with the customer care and waiting till itís resolution. Similarly if you ever send complaint to the appellate authority do it within 3 months after the expiry of the complaint resolution time limit specified by the nodal officer. Otherwise not only your request will be rejected, most likely youíll not be ever notified of this rejection.
Also unless youíve not completed the "proper channel" procedure specified by company for complaint resolution or as mandated by government, donít waste time thinking of going to consumer forum. Youíll only make a fool of yourself. For example for telecom complaints unless youíve gone through raising your complaints in this fashion: Customer Care -> Nodal Officer -> Appellate Authority etc donít go to consumer forum. Your application will be rejected just because you did not follow the specified company procedure.
Rule 7: Roar like a lion
Threaten the company of dire legal action but in decent way. Even if you are not going to pull the company in consumer forum never let the company know this. Pretend that youíre all set to do it. Send a normal and final notice prior to filing complaint in consumer forum( which youíre not!).
Raise hue and cry on media, in internet forums etc. If possible write letters to newspapers and media. Every company is wary of itís image, this can have serious affect on the company.
Rule 8: Never go to consumer court!
Unless you seriously want to get justice .
Rule 9: Lawyer for the company comes FREE OF COST
A company usually hires a law-firm on contract for a year or so. In short companyís cost to the law firm is fixed whether the law-firm fights companyís single case or 1000 in a year.
Rule 10: Donít go for a lawyer
If in the worst case youíve decided to knock the doors of consumer court, then it is most likely that you donít need a lawyer because you can easily fight the case yourself. Consumer case is all non-technical stuff and you can do it yourself. Actually this is the main objective of consumer courts in India so that an ordinary consumer can represent herself/himself easily without going for any advocates.
Rule 11: Go only for a good lawyer
Always take feedback from some known people before you select a lawyer and better take second opinion of an experienced lawyer regularly during your long legal hassle in Indian courts!
Claim hefty damages more than Rs.5,00,000/- No court fee or court stamp is necessary on the amount claime.
Go ahead Sir Ė Go ahead !

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar
Retd Judge and Advocate
No.74, 1st Floor, ďDisleyĒ  House,
Malleswaram, Bengaluru-560003.
Mob: 9686971935, 080-23461189
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Re: Cheating by Showroom
« Reply #2 on: January 16, 2018, 04:52:32 PM »
you can file a complaint in consumer court after issuing legal notice.

jai bansal
Advocate, New Delhi
Supreme Court of India
mobile: 09868566649

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