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Author Topic: HDFC Bank hold my funds and settled the outstanding amount without notification  (Read 554 times)

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I am using HDFCBank credit card since 7 years. Due to some financial crisis I could not make the payment for 3-4 months and the bank deducted the whole month's salary against credit card outstanding and settled the credit card amount without providing me any notice or mail or any call. No communication made to me after holding the funds and settling those against credit card dues. I reached out to BO Hyderabad and as usual the decision went in favor of the bank.
While asking the bank, the bankers are showing me a notice which has been sent to me through registered post, which I didnt receive as per my knowledge.

My question-

Is there any bank allowed to take anyone's money without any notice and without any communication?
Suggest me what to do... Should I go for consumer forum or not?

Offline kalaskarkk

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Dear Sir,

It is nothing but banking fraud upon its customers. Firstly credit card loan facilities are unauthorized and illegal. But people have no time to fight in the Court. So the bankers playing like that. Even Court decree cannot attach entire salary. Get issue a legal notice through my office and file a suit for compensation. The law is as follows:
Property Liable and Not Liable for Attachment during the Execution of a Decree
Attachment of Property:

Attachment of property of the judgement-debtor is one of the steps taken by the decree holder for satisfaction of his decree. The underlying object of the attachment of the property is to give notice to the judgement-debtor not to alienate his property and also serves as notice to general public not to purchase or deal with the property.

Further, judgement-debtor is given an opportunity to raise funds to satisfy the decree and avoid sale of his property.
The Sections 60 to 64 and Order 21, Rules 41 to 59 of C.P.C. deal with the subject of attachment.

Property that can be attached:

Sec. 60 – Properties liable to attachment and sale in execution of decree.

1. The following properties are liable to attachment and sale in execution of a decree, namely:

(i) Lands, houses or other buildings,
(i) Salary to the extent of the first four hundred rupees and 2/3 of the remainder in the execution of any decree other than a decree for maintenance;

Kishan Dutt Kalaskar
Retd Judge and Advocate
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Malleswaram, Bengaluru-560003.
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Dear Sir,

Thanks for your prompt response. I would love to discuss with you regarding this matter. Initially I thought to move on. As a common man I dont have strength to fight against this corrupted bank (HDFCBank) where the BO is silent in this matter and closed the ticket with this bank's consent.

I wrote many mails to BO marking Aditya Puri as cc, thinking in my mind that they would take this matter seriously. But the opposite happened. Which makes me surprised, a thought came to my mind that might be instruction from their higher management to show some big profits so they are doing this kind of activities.

And believe me this bank can go to any extend even they can strangle a common man to get some bucks. And more surprisingly RBI is helping them out in this case ( which I do believe).

The bank is showing me a fake notice which never ever reached out to me. I asked them to show the copy of acknowledgement and they didnt show me till now, as they cant.

This bank is the most corrupted bank I have never ever imagined in my life.

Before choosing this bank as my salary account I noticed that a hold of amount 23000 is there against non-maintenance fees, but I have decided to choose this bank. But this bank did fraud against me and settled the credit card and closed it without my consent.

6 months have passed, they are trying to fool me and writing the same reply again and again -

"We draw your attention to our card usage guide where it is clearly mentioned that the Bank, will have a lien and right of set off on all monies belonging to the card member standing to their credit in any account whatsoever with the bank or in the possession or custody of the bank. Accordingly, lien was placed by the bank and appropriate notice has been sent to your mailing address as per bank records. In the absence of a positive revert/payment ,"

I didn't receive any notice came to me through registered post which they did show me through mail.

They are completely unprofessional and doing this practice as they know each and every victim cant think to fight against them in court.

This is the reason they are doing now-a-days.

Now I have decided to go against them legally and sir I will discuss with you some day for sure.


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